Month: June 2016

A Girl is innocence playing in the mud, beauty standing on its head, and motherhood dragging a doll by the foot.  Girls are available in five colors: black, white, red,…


STRESS KILLS!  Don't stressHow many times have we heard that?  Just like a lot of things in life we’ve been warned about, have witnessed some of the consequences to and yet we don’t listen.  Stress affects your whole body starting with your mind.  It then flows down into the rest affecting every part of you.  When you are stressed your body does not function properly.  It could be you are overwhelmed, have money problems, house is trashed from kids, or maybe your work load is never-ending.  Or perhaps you are one of those people who internalize things instead of speaking up and taking action.  This is a big problem and not one to laugh at.

It is a known fact that stress can cause cancer.  When we are stressed our bodies don’t react in a healthy way.  Crabbyness, depression and health issues are all factors caused by stress.  I have seen the results first hand of someone who internalized things and ended up in the hospital.  It was heart breaking and scary.

The dictionary describes stress as: mental, emotional, or physical tension, strain or distress.  For such a little word it has some pretty big side effects.  Stress is not worth dying over!

As my brothers would say relax my friend and just live each day.  No they are not high on narcotics, they have simply realized in order to meet each day with a new and renewed mind, you have to give up trying to control every little detail and stop planning so many things.  Get a smaller house if need be so you have less to clean.  God himself said, “Don’t worry about tomorrow for I am already there.” If you take this scripture to heart you will have a much happier and healthy life.

So what to do?

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There are small moments in our lives that define us.  Moments being choices.  All throughout our day we make these life changing choices that determine whether we will succeed or fail. …

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