Knowing what your Gift is and then Using it


There are three words I will use today which are all related.

  • Gift
  • Passion
  • Calling

I believe knowing what your God-given gift/passion/callings are will help you in all areas of life.  Part of healthy living depends on you knowing what these are.   We all have a responsibility to use and share our gifts with others.  Whether your gift is being a homemaker, a writer, someone who works in retail, a carpenter, painter, plumber or someone in guest services.  The point is we’ve all been given Gifts and now it’s our job to use them to better our lives and the people that surround us.

Some of you might know exactly what your gift is and some of you are thinking, how do I know and where can I find out?  Some of you yet will ask, what is the difference between a gift and talent?

freedomI had these same questions at one time and then I heard this from a speaker,  “Talent is something you’re good at and a Gift is something you’re passionate about.”  The word passion means: A powerful emotion, compelling feeling, boundless enthusiasm or desire for something.    In other words it’s a part of who you are.  God designed you with this emotion/enthusiasm and also designed you to have more than one gift/passion.

Just think about the words above for a minute, “a boundless enthusiasm or desire for something.”  Imagine the impact you could have on people’s lives by choosing to live each day using your gift/passions.  We influence those all around us on a day-to-day basis.  This is true no matter who your are.  Now, you have the option and opportunity to influence.  This could be in a good, constructive, positive, helpful and loving way because you are happier and living your passion.  Or, you can be angry, depressed, lonely and helpless having a negative attitude towards life.  People around you will either be rewarded or pulled down with your choice.  This is what I meant when I said we have a responsibility to use our gifts.

the path to your callingYou may ask what Strength has to do with finding or knowing your calling. I can tell you first hand it has everything to do with it. It takes strength, persistence and everything you have to, find out your calling and then once you’ve found it, use it. People aren’t always kind and neither is your mind. You will be discouraged at times because you don’t know your purpose, to being discouraged because you’re not sure how to pursue or use your God-given gift once you’ve found it. Let me just offer you a word of encouragement. When going through these tough moments, always remember it’s worth it. When you find it you will feel free, fulfilled, excited and even when hard times come you will be able to smile because you know your calling.

Everyone has problems, hurts and concerns.  Are you willing to wallow in self-pity or are you going to rise and be the person you are intended to be?  Let me tell you, there’s nothing more rewarding than being a part of something bigger than yourself.  It might take a career change, a move, maybe nothing that extreme, but it will take looking outside that comfortable box you’ve been living in, the one you know so well and don’t want to change or crawl out of.

I would like you to evaluate your life right now and ask yourself, are you happy and using your gift/passion/calling?  If yes, I encourage you to keep growing and use them for good.  If your answer is no, then I ask that you take a leap of faith.  Get off your rear end and start, because whether you realize it or not, you were created for something bigger than yourself.

I’m not trying to sound harsh, but we’ve all been at the other end of someone who’s not happy and not using their gifts and it’s not a nice place to be.  Responsibility creates character, character creates leaders and leaders create the world we live in.  What you do and how you use your calling will have an impact, and not just on you.

“It’s not titles that honor men but the men that honor titles” and it’s these men and woman who have used their God-given gifts that we love and read about in history.  They found their purpose in life and never looked back.

Now we still must discuss the question of how do I know what my calling is?  Let’s look at the definition of a Calling.  In the Merriam Webster’s dictionary calling means: A strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence.  This goes beyond the definition of a passion.  We’re talking about an “inner impulse” for something.  That means it’s a part of who we are.  Something we were born with.

I’ve found when people asked me what their calling might be all I’ve had to do is ask them a few questions and a light bulb goes on.

  • What have you loved since you were a child?
  • If money wasn’t an object, what would you chose to do and be?
  • What makes your heart race and brings a smile just when you think about it, or do it?
  • What do you feel you can’t live without?

There are other questions a person could ask, but these are a start to discovering what your calling might be.  Prayer will also help you.  When you have this burning desire to do and be more than you are right now, start with prayer.  If God implanted this calling into your very being, then he can certainly bring it to life if you ask him.

To know your calling is something we all try to discover in our lifetime.  Some of us are fortunate to discover it early while others never do.  I encourage all of you to discover yours.  When that burning desire comes, don’t push it away, don’t tell it to come back when it’s more convenient.  Find out what it is then embrace it, and you will change the world.finding your calling and gift.

Rise and be heard, change, grow, do what you are meant to and you will add to the world instead of taking away from it.  Grow in the promise that you were created to be something bigger than yourselves.   Each one of you has your own special, beautiful gifts already installed and now it’s up to you to find out what they are and use them.

Here’s to you and knowing your calling.

-Heather Earles

To look up scripture that supports this belief.  Go to: biblehub


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