Enjoying the Town Near You

small town eventsTaking time to enjoy the things around you is good for the soul.

Everyone has work to do and only so much time to do it in, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take time to enjoy those around us or events that are happening right in our hometown. In other words, take time to smell the coffee.

parade in a small townA community takes people coming together. Local business owners need support from their patrons to keep their doors open. This allows everyone to enjoy their services, including visitors.

When events such as parades, crazy days or other exciting things are held it gives everyone a chance to participate and celebrate living in the town where they’re at.

Whether you’re single or have a family local town events are for everyone.

I love heading to town when there is something going on. The kids get to see their friends and I get to walk around different shops looking at what’s new. The sun is shining, so we are soaking in some vitamin D and for a few hours, we leave the work behind.

potted plantsNow I love my farm, the great outdoors, and plants, so a stop at the local nursery to pick up some beautiful flowers for my pots or herbs for the garden is usually on the bucket list :). To me, that’s 100% pure joy and I am adding to my community.

For you, it might be getting out of the house and talking to someone at the parade. Or shopping at your favorite store which is now running sales because it’s crazy days. Whatever the case is, enjoying the community is for everyone.

Libraries usually have an event for adults and children which is a perfect way to get out no matter which season it is. Our local library is great for this! For instance, they do a Summer Reading Program which encourages an active reading schedule for the kiddos.  Parents see their children excited to read or attend an event at the library, like a building class and the library stays open giving the community access to wonderful books, movies, and computers. Everyone wins from this.

Lumber stores, groceries, hairdressers, they are all in need of your support. I don’t know what we would do without our local shoe repair shop. It’s a family-owned business that has been around for a long time providing a great service to our community.

clothes shoppingAnother stop you should make is to your second-hand store. You never know what treasure you’re going to find, plus you can get an entire wardrobe for a wonderfully cheap price :).

I love shopping there and having the kids pick out clothes for the season. They grow so fast who wants to spend a fortune every season?

Garage sales, rummage sales, those are a couple more ideas to get you out and enjoy a Summer day. Some of these places are also great to pick up items at a cheaper rate. Having a new baby? You can find so many clothes for only $0.25 to $0.30 each. Talk about a bargain!

If you’re not into shopping check out your local towns baseball schedule. Whether it’s the little guys or a minor league team you can enjoy an All-American event with an enthusiastic crowd around you.

Don’t forget the pool. When it’s hot and you want to cool off, pack up the sunscreen and towels and enjoy some pool time or lake time.

music in the parkIn our small town, they have a hat shell and the setting is perfect. You sit in the grass or bring a chair and listen to the rhythm of the music. Everything from jazz, contemporary, country and classic.

Are you a quilter? When crazy days comes so do the amazing sales at our filled to the max, wonderful quilting and sewing store. I admit this is one of my favorite places to browse :).

Farmers markets are also great. Fresh food, healthy meals, you support your local gardeners and they support your health.

Getting out and socializing or walking your local town is extremely healthy for the mind. We all need pick-me-ups, and showing up for an event, enjoying the entertainment and taking time to say hello to a friend is a perfect refresher. You will have a better attitude going back to work and new memories to add to your scrapbook.

Heather EarlesHealth is about living. Whether it’s watching what we eat, working out or giving our mind a positive charge, which attending one of these events will do.

 With that in mind, find out what’s happening near you, enjoy your day and remember to take time for special events right in your hometown.

Hope to see you!

Heather Earles

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