Heather Earles

Heather Earles
Heather Earles, pushing down walls of self- doubt and helping you be the BEST you!



Hi, I am Heather Earles, author of this blog and of my life, that is to include God of course.  I decide everyday what I am going to be and who I will share and enjoy my life with.


Here I will tell you a little bit about myself.  This I feel is important because who wants to trust someone or take advice on what they have to say, unless you know something about them.

First of all I am a committed person, making everyday the best day of my life!  I believe we are what we think and so every morning I wake up I think of how and what I can do to be who and what I want in life.

Growing up in a small town in Montana gave me a good foundation.  I couldn’t have loved my childhood anymore than I did and to this day I love going back to my home town!  Working on my Grandpa and Grandma’s ranch/farm with my family.  I, along with my siblings, were homeschooled, so had lots of extra time to spend helping on the farm.

Speaking of family, I come from a very loving home where we were raised to respect one another and were taught the value of hard work, which has been very useful to this day.  “If you’re going to do something right, do it right the first time”.  That’s what we were taught.

Naturally I have a love for animals and the great outdoors.  Hunting, fishing, pushing cows, branding, freezing in the milk barns, dancing and playing sports to name just a few of my interest.

I lived in Montana for fifteen years before my family and I moved to Wyoming.  There I worked a lot of different jobs, which is where I met my husband.  He owned a lodge in the mountains and we continued to run it for the next four years before selling it.

We now live in North Dakota, on a hobby farm, with our three children, close to where my husband grew up. We love our little piece of heaven and enjoy all that it has to offer including fresh produce, meat, and dairy which we either raise or grow ourselves.

on site for Nodak Mutual

I have done some modeling/acting.  You might have seen the Nodak Mutual commercial that plays quite frequently during Bison games, well that’s me asking “How many calories are in one slice of pizza?”  I have also worked with a company called Seed Hawk, out of Canada.

I grew up dancing, since the age of five (ballet, tap and point) and it is still my biggest passion.  Dancing can give a release of just about anything, so whether it’s classical or a good old wedding, count me in.

My second passion is writing.  Who knows best how to write your story, but you.  Currently I am working on having my first book published and will let you know more information on the release date of that, when the time is closer, so keep plugged in.

My husband and three children take priority even over my other passions, so after their needs are met on a day-to-day basis, I will be talking to you.  Everything in its order will make ones life better.

So now that you know me, I hope we can be friends and encourage and grow together over the years.

Comments make the heart grow fonder.  So in my posts I would love to know your thoughts and yes, I will actually read them.

Take care for now and remember Jesus loves you,

Heather Earles