“To Know Her Calling” A Book that Inspires

  • Manuscript-Book "To Know Her Calling"

Manuscript-Book "To Know Her Calling"

To Know Her Calling

Author Heather Earles introduces her first book, “To Know Her Calling”.  It is a Christian-Fiction-Romance that deals with self-doubt, releasing ones fears and listening to God.  This book will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful.  It is also a perfect read for those of you who like to stay intrigued to the very end.

Join the adventure as two hearts from different countries find each other.  Will they be torn apart by differences or will they trust in God to heal past pains and move forward, removing all masks. Join their journey through the pages of To Know Her Calling.

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Author Bio

Heather EarlesHeather Earles is an up-and-coming fiction author who shares her passion for Christ with others through her writing. Heather grew up in “Americas Heartland” and now resides with her husband and three children on a hobby farm in North Dakota.  Heather and her family enjoy the country life and all that it has to offer including fresh produce, meat, and dairy which they raise or grow themselves.

She is a blogger and shares topics and articles on healthy living, whether that be body, mind or soul.  You can visit her website at heatherearles.com.

Her first passion is dancing which she has trained in since the age of five.  Dancing gives you a release of about anything.  Heather’s second passion is writing.  Her philosophy is, “Who knows best how to write your story, but you”.  She is in the process of writing her second book which will come out next Summer.

Christ, husband and her three children take priority over everything else.  This, she believes, is the key to a happy life.

For more on Heather Earles visit her website at heatherearles.com


The Book


To Know Her Calling

Louise a hard working girl, raised in a loving home, satisfied with where she is at in life, that is until she meets someone who doesn’t fit her world.  What happens when her perfect, peaceful life is turned upside down by a stranger?  What is God telling her and will she find out?

Raul, a masked man from a different country, searching for something worth cherishing, and he finds it in a spirited young woman.  Will his identity scare her away?  Or will their faith bind them together?

A story of listening to God and releasing fears and self doubt.  Read to find out how their story ends, or I should say, how it begins.


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Touching hearts across the country

The more I get to know my readers, the more I love connecting. Their stories touch my heart as I visit at book signings, shows, and through social media. So many people have their own stories and gifts to share with the world, and my prayer is they will take that leap of faith and do just that.

The world needs people who will make a difference and share their gifts. So to all of my readers, be inspired, stay motivated, and take action towards your goals!

-Heather Earles