A Country of Injustice Rulers

Injustice seems to be a common theme, and some say there is little to no hope of turning the plate. However, I have to disagree. History has shown difficult times and devastation, but it has also unfolded a great degree of Heroes and courageous acts. 

As they did before, today, everyday leaders are rising, fighting, and informing others. More so than the corrupt Elites think. Truth is implemented to contradict what we’ve been told or fed on TV and media.

So what is the point? I’ve learned that you are only a prisoner when you surrender your mind. We are a people given a voice, but not all of us use it due to fear. Fear is unpredictable, whether it be losing your job, being arrested, or having your neighbors look at you differently. It sometimes controls your decision-making—for instance, the option to stand up against injustice. 

 There are so many injustices to humanity, but the one I want to bring to your attention is the one of MARSOC 3. Three warriors, three men, three brothers. Fellow brothers and the military have betrayed these men and a country they swore to protect. 

Over four years ago, in the city of Erbil, Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), three MARSOC men, Draher, Gilmet, and Negron, were out celebrating the new year; also, Draher and Gilmet’s soon-to-be promotion to E8 on January 1, 2019.

According to Phillip Stackhouse, Draher’s attorney, and the security footage from the TBar/restaurant where the incident happened, “fellow contractors and several Marines with whom Rick Anthony Rodriguez worked with or around, all assigned to Camp 762” along with Draher, Gilmet, and Negron were present that night.

When Draher, Negron, and Gilmet entered the TBar/restaurant, they said hello to Rodriguez, a retired Army Special Forces master sergeant employed by Lockheed Martin Corporation (a Military Defense Contractor), and fellow marines assigned under Draher and other contractors. The exchange was pleasant, with both parties wishing each other a Happy New Year.

However, during the night, Rodriguez came up to Gilmet not once but twice, and due to his demonstratively aggressive behavior prior to Draher, Negron, and Gilmet arriving. After the second time, words were exchanged, Rodriguez, clearly angry at Eric Gilmet, was asked to leave and escorted out of the bar by bouncers. 

The MARSOC 3, as they have been labeled, were asked to wait a few minutes inside to give Rodriguez enough time to vacate the area. According to the security footage, MARSOC 3 obeyed but to no avail, as Rodriguez and seven of his friends were still hanging out by the vehicles.

As the senior person in charge, Draher walked toward Rodriguez with Eric on the way to their vehicle in an attempt to clear the air from what occurred inside. Draher asked if everything was okay. The US Consulate is on the same block, and the men were standing in the street. There was no intention of starting a fight. That’s when the altercation occurred. Rodriguez told Draher to mind his own business and stepped close to the point where Draher said, “I could feel the heat off of his body and spit.” Draher tries to de-escalate the situation. However, it does not work.

Rodriguez and Gilmet worked on the Erbil base and knew of each other prior to the incident on January 1 but never spoke.

According to different sources, the entire argument was, in a sense, a pecking order that escalated and then, mixed with alcohol, ended in devastating circumstances.

Cameras show that Rodriguez initiated the provocation by poking Draher in the chest and then went in with a head fake. Draher pushed him back, trying to create distance, when Rodriguez punched Draher twice. Negron stepped in, throwing one punch at Rodriguez to protect his comrade from getting hit a third time. Rodriguez fell to the ground immediately and was knocked unconscious. Another one of Rodriguez’s friends, at this point, lunged at Negron, tackling him to the ground. Draher stepped in, pulling the man off Negron to stop the fight. Negron ended up with a black eye from either a punch or an elbow to the face. The entire encounter was 15 seconds. According to eyewitnesses, a small cut was visible on the back of Rodriguez’s head, with no evidence of blood and no visible bruising or indentions.

Video surveillance shows that Chief Eric Gilmet, a Navy Corpsman (medic), immediately assesses Rodriguez’s medical state. The MARSOC 3 placed Rodriguez in their vehicle to transport him back to the base for his safety. There was no sign of Rodriguez’s friends at this point.

Once the MARSOC 3 with Rodriguez made it onto the base, a further medical evaluation of Rodriguez occurred by Gilmet as he was the most qualified and senior enlisted medic in all of the task force’s area of operation. Gilmet placed a continual watch over Rodriguez; however, later that morning, it was determined that he needed other medical treatment, and he was admitted to the Erbil base hospital. From there, the doctors decided he needed to be medevaced to The Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) in Germany. LRMC is an overseas military hospital operated by the United States Army and is the largest US military hospital outside the continental United States. Here, Mr. Rodriguez died four days later from complications from fixating on his vomit.

“At this time, charges against three members of MARSOC in connection with the death of Mr. Rodriguez have been referred to a general court-martial,” a spokeswoman for MARSOC Maj. Kristine Tortorici said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “During this process, it is imperative that the rights of the service members are protected, and the integrity of the military justice system is maintained. We are committed to ensuring this process is conducted in a fair and impartial manner.”

However, after you read the rest of the story, perhaps you will question, as I have, where there has been evidence of a fair and impartial manner. The MARSOC 3 have been attacked in many ways, with the majority coming from the same command they served. Because of the command’s actions, accusing the 3 before being found guilty, many so-called men they thought were brothers have also turned on the MARSOC 3 and their families. 

The Holy and unjust wars waged by power-hungry elites and a military-industrial complex that the current administration has taken over care little about our country and are now fighting against the very warriors they patriotically called to stand for our freedom.

After three years of these men in limbo, waiting on more court dates to be canceled and all evidence showing the innocents of the MARSOC 3, there was an incident of unlawful command influence where in the final rulings, the Judge for Chief Eric Gilmet dismissed all charges.

Gilmet won a long-fought battle against injustice. 

Or did he? 

On August 15, 2022, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals ruled to reinstate charges against Gilmet. I’ve never heard of such a thing especially given that ALL evidence points to the innocence of the MARSOC 3. But that’s not all; the treachery of our Military Elites gets worse.

The Marine judge in charge of Gunnery Sgts. Daniel Draher and Joshua Negron’s case has denied the request to dismiss their case, which they appealed due to the same allegations of unlawful command influence.

For this reason and many other injustices, I’m calling this a military coup. Never should our warriors have been put in this situation of being court-martialed. Never should there have been charges placed. Was any groundwork done to show there was proof of the charges? No, an embarrassed command decided to throw their men under the burning bus. Are those the actions of leadership? No, more so of cowards, money, and power-hungry commanders.

Rodriguez died, a travesty to his family, a family that was not even allowed to bury and lay to rest their loved one until early 2021, almost three years after his death. Every life is precious, but not every person who dies is the fault of others.

All evidence shows there was no cause or plan to injure Rodriguez. According to all eyewitnesses, he was drunk and looking for a fight causing unfortunate and very sad circumstances for himself. 

When you pledge, you devote your life, body, and thought process to protecting that pledge, the same as the MARSOC 3 have done, only to be demoted, demoralized, and distinguished due to false allegations by their own command.

Where is the Marine Corps honor in this case? Since I was informed about the story and saw the evidence as a journalist, I’ve pondered that question.

This case has been going on for more than four years. If that is justice, the sooner other countries come and blow away this entire administration, letting the militia rise and bring back what our Four Fathers set into motion as our constitution. And more importantly, the morals of what this entire country was based on.

The Elites and corrupt military think they have won this war, but perhaps they should remember history. In each era, people have risen to protect what is theirs, including their friends and family. They stand ready as healers, ready as warriors, ready as a people with a voice. 

The MARSOC 3 has been unjustly accused from within. I’ve seen the evidence. This case is nothing more than another war waged against not only these three warriors but against any warrior who ever showed grit and guts or would question a corrupt command. 

They don’t want to be questioned; they want the sheep that will obey an order even if it hurts our country. 

Between the poison COVID-19 being administered to our first responders, including our service men and woman, ignoring them the right to refuse under religious beliefs, they are killing our warriors on purpose. Causing mental breakdowns, health issues, divorces, you name it.

The MARSOC 3 are not the only ones in this position or being treated this way.

If you are shocked or disgusted reading this, that’s a good sign. As citizens, we must pay attention to what is happening and take action against unjust acts. 

Fight for your brothers and sisters. If you want change to happen and your country back, start making noise. Call your congressman and governors, protest outside the courthouses, and fight for the MARSOC 3 in any way you can. Fight also for others you see this injustice done to.

You have a voice, so use it. You never know when you will need someone to fight for you.

They are boiling us like the frog in the pot, but the Elites don’t realize that the frogs they think they are burning have armor they can’t penetrate. That armor is called warriors covered in patriotism and energy, saying turn up the heat. 

Refuse to be silent, refuse to comply, refuse to give up what you know men and women have died protecting.  

Before I knew them, the MARSOC 3 were my brothers, as they stood for and protected us the same as many others have before them. These men have families the same as yours. It is now our turn to repay the selfless sacrifice. You don’t need to wear a military uniform to be a patriot and American.

Uniforms are an outward display. They don’t take action, they don’t help others, and they don’t love. People do that. At least those willing.

We have incredible energy and power to take back or keep what is ours. Never be ashamed, embarrassed, or apologies for that. We are a people in a free country. The government has no hold unless you allow them that privilege.

Take your brothers’ and sisters’ hands and help where you can. Show them you have their back. The MARSOC 3 are on trial today, January 17th, and being falsely accused as the military has become a money maker who needs fall guys. 

Do not let the corrupt system win.

“There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare.” -Sun Tzu

Yet that is what this new military-industrial complex is doing to our nation and the men and woman who’ve pledged to keep her safe.


As I’ve stated before, money and power. It is as simple and as evil as that.

Many good people wear our country’s uniforms, but more and more, they are waking up to see this is not the military it once was, and it does not have our nation’s best interest in mind. I could go to great lengths to prove this statement, but that’s not why this particular article was written. 

This article is to inform you of what is going on. Also, ask you to use one of the most impactful weapons you possess, your voice. Honor our nation, and fight for our warriors. The art of warfare is not in bullets and bravado alone. No, most wars are won before the physical fighting ever starts. 

The MARSOC 3 needs you. Our nation needs you. Do not be silenced.

Make calls to your congressman, and talk to your representatives of every form. Please make an appointment to speak with them. Help in any way you are capable. Be an Ordinary Hero.

These are the very warriors we look to for protection and direction. They are our family. 

Fred Galvin, another advocate for the MARSOC 3, has laid out very clearly the corruption that has been going on in his new book, “A Few Good Men.”

If you would like to understand how deep treachery goes and view other cases in which injustice has made its way into our military, please take the time and read his book so you are informed.

We can not help what we don’t know or understand, so please keep track of the MARSOC 3 case going on right now, read Galvin’s book, and help protect our nation. 

Heather Earles
Heather Earles

Is the owner of H&E Literary Works LLC, writes for a local newspaper, and has written several books, including A Busy Morning On The Farm and an upcoming thriller/drama series called “Prisoner Within.” She is a Print Specialist for Pufferprint and writes a blog on healthy living to aid and inspire. She has a podcast called Herb ‘N Wisdom™ and enjoys country living, God, and her family. “I love helping people heal and feel better about life.”

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