Heather Earles’s Writing Portfolio and Resume

Heather Earles's Resume
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Listed Below is a Writing Portfolio of Articles from the Ashley Tribune and the Wishek Star. Editor Tony Bender. Author Heather Earles.

That Old Cross

The Healing Power of Chamomile 12/09/20

German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) is one type “and is a sweet-scented, smooth plant and self-seeding annual herb. It is native to Europe and Western Asia and has become widely distributed over Europe, North Africa, and the temperate region of Asia.” 

The other type is Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile). “Roman chamomile is an aromatic, creeping perennial, found in dry fields and around gardens and cultivated grounds. It originated in the United Kingdom and is widely grown in American herb gardens.” –Integrative Medicine (Fourth Edition), 2018.

Revisiting Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation 11/25/20

With our ever-changing times, it’s perhaps a wise idea to look back on history and be reminded of the many blessings that come from a nation of Godly and just men. That as a whole, our country can heal by coming together with an attitude of gratefulness to preserve and maintain this quality of life for generations to come.

Results From the 2020 Election 11/11/20

November 3 has come and gone, leaving us with our new candidates. Every citizen has had the opportunity to vote, and now the results are in showing the outcome and the numbers for McIntosh County and the overall state.

As to the President and Vice President of the United States, Donald J. Trump is the country’s 45th and current President defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. 

McIntosh County’s numbers show 1,147, 79.27% voted for Trump in this 2020 election cycle as opposed to the 259, 17.90% that voted for Biden and the 30, 2.07% who voted for Jorgensen. In 2016 McIntosh County voted 1,095, 77.0% in favor of President Trump. However, the Presidency race is still in play for 2020 as battleground states are being recounted.

A Life Well Lived- The Life and Times of Harold Krueger 11/4/20

The saying by Gary Vaynerchuk, “Legacy is greater than currency,” comes to life in the story of Harold Krueger, 96, of Wishek, ND. A man can offer this world a lot of things, but what he leaves behind is a testament to the examples, family, friendships, laughs, and love he had along the way. As a veteran, Krueger served his country, but he also served God and his family as a religious man.

County COVID cases rocket upward 10/21/20

From September 28th through October 11th, there have been 49 new COVID cases for McIntosh County. Overall for the county, the total number of cases is 119, with 3 deaths. However, these numbers do not report people with underlying conditions who are more susceptible. The numbers seem to be going up, but according to the CDC, the data obtained through testing are compiled “from a number of sources, and not all tests are reported to the CDC.” Also, “The number of positive tests in a state is not equal to the number of cases, as one person may be tested more than once.” This means there may be a rise in cases, but it’s hard to determine concrete numbers.

November 3 Election Overview 10/14/20

November 3 is around the corner, and the heat is building. Local and state officials are racing to get their message across regarding what platform they are running on since absentee ballots are already going out across the state.

Ashley Oktoberfest is Saturday 9/30/20

Overall, the Oktoberfest is to promote, preserve, and pass on a culture to future generations while having a good old-fashioned time. Families and neighbors gathered every weekend, sometimes in each other’s homes. If a neighbor wasn’t putting on a shindig, everyone participated in community dances and weddings somewhere in neighboring towns. The young were taught by the more experienced to keep the tradition of dance and music alive.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Marvel Gross at 701-288-3504. Otherwise, the Chamber is looking forward to seeing you all there!

New boutique dresses up downtown 9/30/20

Tia has a women’s clothing and accessories boutique with additional gift items available throughout the year. She also has an online website for shopping 24/7. Her niche is comfy, casual, and affordable styles for women and girls aged 16-50. 701 Chic Boutique is affiliated with another boutique based in Utah, so customers basically can shop two stores through one.

Ashley Adds Two New Teachers 9/16/20

Ashley’s second new teacher is Tyler Ernst. Tyler graduated from Hillsboro ND and then graduated from Mayville State University with a math education degree and a minor in sociology. While in college, he was a paid math tutor for five years. After graduation in the Spring, Tyler started teaching immediately in Ashley. He teaches 7-12 grade math.

“I was terrible at math growing up; it was a subject I struggled with until the 10th grade when I finally caught up. Multiple teachers told me how bad I was until one saw potential in me and offered encouragement. This teacher is the reason I began my teaching journey. I didn’t want students to feel the way I had. I wanted to show them that whatever they wanted to do in life, they could succeed.”

Wishek welcomes two faculty members 9/16/20

The Wishek Mustangs are off to a good start and are thrilled to introduce two new teachers to their staff. The first is Katherine Klemetsrud (Kathy) to her students, the new Business Teacher at Wishek Public School. Graduating from Minot State University this past Spring, she is a first-year teacher with her Business Education degree. 

Wishek Ambulance adds UV sanitation 9/8/20

A desperate need for sanitizing areas and people in short order is among us. Businesses and hospitals are scrambling to either keep customers, follow new laws, or help their patients stay safe from pathogens.

Body cams now in use by sheriff’s department 9/2/20

The Ashley Lions Club is a big part of its community offering and donating their time to multiple fundraisers. They also look for opportunities to keep their community clean and safe. They have currently donated $4,500 from their gaming funds, being approved by the five-member gaming committee, including Don Kosel, the gaming manager to equip their local officers with three body cams.

Heather Earles
Heather Earles

Heather is married to a retired Special Forces Officer, and they live on a sustainable farm with their four children. She is an established author of inspiration, fiction, and children’s books; a journalist, a stay-at-home mother, and an advocate for healthy living. She publishes a weekly blog and podcast (Herb ‘N Wisdom™) and writes for two newspapers to aid and inspire others. “I want to make people feel good about life.”

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