What to do when your Chicks arrive in the mail

Baby Chicks; Now that you have them, what do you do with them?a baby chick

This post along with my YouTube video should set you at ease on what to do when your chicks arrive in the mail and just how easy it.

You can order your chicks online or from a local person.  We order ours from Murray McMurray.  We order ours in Feb. March or April.  Depending on when you would like your chicks to arrive.  On the website they will show you when to expect your shipment if you order on a certain date so no guessing is necessary.

After you have order them it is time to get your pen all set up.  Below are a list of things you should have ready.

  1. Chick feed.  There is medicated and non medicated which you can find at a Fleet Farm or local feed store.  You can also make your own mixture.  I would recommend buying two 25lb bags to start.
  2. Feed holder.
  3. Water Holder.  You can also buy these at same place as feed or online.
  4. Heat Lamp.  Depending on number of chicks and temperature you might need two.
  5. Some type of chick pen.
  6. Saw dust or straw.  We use both.

Once you have all the items it is now time to get your pen ready.  When the chicks arrive all you have to do is add water and feed.  We put a layer of saw dust down and then a layer of straw.  Trust me, this makes life a lot simpler taking the time to do this ahead.chick food and water

Now your chicks have just arrived and you bring the box into the pen. baby chicks shipping box

Open the lid carefully and one by one take the chicks out and dip their beaks in water and then set them by the feed.  Do this until you have gone through all of the chicks and then remove the box.  Turn on your heat lamp if the temp is below 65 and leave it on until the chicks are a couple of months old or temperature has increased.  A good way to tell if they still need the heat lamp is if they are huddled under it.  If they start sleeping away from it then they are warm and you can unplug the heat lamp.baby chicks in shipping box

Keep their feed and water filled, letting them eat and drink as much as they like.  Also keep their pen clean.  You will know when the straw looks matted and you can hardly see the gold strands that it is probably time.

There you have it.  This is the simple, short and sweet way to take care of your baby chicks.  Below you can see them happy and running around.  Remember if you have kids and they would like to hold them that’s okay.  Just remember to hold one for a short time and then let it back down with the rest so the chick can keep warm.baby chicks running around

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