To Know Her Calling

Manuscript-Book "To Know Her Calling"Author Heather Earles introduces her first book, “To Know Her Calling”.  It’s a Christian-Fiction-Romance that deals with self-doubt, releasing ones fears and listening to God.  This book will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful.  It’s also a perfect read for those of you who like to stay intrigued to the very end.

Join the adventure as two hearts from different countries find each other.  Will they be torn apart by differences or will they trust in God to heal past pains and move forward, removing all masks.  Join their journey through the pages of To Know Her Calling.

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The more you get to know people the more amazing you feel.  My heart has been touched from all of the stories I have heard at book signings, shows, and through social media .  So many people have their own stories and gifts to share with the world.  My prayer is, if you’re one of them you will take that leap of faith and do just that.  The world awaits for people who want to conquer it.  Be inspired, stay motivated and go succeed. Write your story

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