The Top 5 benefits of HomeSchool

homeschoolHomeSchooling your children is an act of love.  However if you are not able to homeschool that doesn’t make you a bad parent.  So as you read the post keep that in mind.  I am addressing both parties in this article in hopes that it will encourage the parents who are already homeschooling and address and help the undecided.  I will also debunk some of the false theories people and parents make against homeschooling.

If you have read my bio you know that I was homeschooled all the way through high school.  I speak from experience and not just as a teacher to my own children but as a child who has been a student at home.  I also have 5 siblings so I can tell you there were every type of personality in our house as possible which brings me to my first point.patience

  1. Home schooling your children allows you to pick and choose different types of curriculum for each child to fit how they learn best.  This is huge, especially for the children.  They do not have to struggle at every waking turn because they simply do not understand.  Picking a curriculum specific for each child helps them to excel in every subject.  Of course that doesn’t mean they will enjoy each one equally but it insures they will be able to understand it and therefore learn in the best way!
  2. Not all friends are created equal.  How would you like to influence the types of friends your children have.  This is possible when you have more control over where they are at.  In a public school setting kids are exposed to numerous situations and friends we as parents cringe at.  However if they are at home that worry is gone.  With homeschool groups across the country you can get together with like-minded people and or set up play dates with those friends you don’t mind your child hanging around and learning from.
  3. When attitude comes out in our children we are able to address it.  This is one of the biggest arguments I can patiencemake for why homeschooling is beneficial to your child.  Not only now but for the rest of their lives.  Our kids are to be a blessing not a curse on society.  When we can address character issues from an early age we are setting them up to be successful, confidant, polite, well-behaved individuals that will bless their families, communities, work place, and eventually their own children.  Attitude is everything in life so help your child build a good one that will last.
  4. You have freedom to visit people and places when you homeschool.  I have been all around the United States to include Alaska.  We have also been to different parts of Canada.  I traveled with my siblings and parents and now my husband and I take our children.  They not only get to read about History but they get to touch and smell it.  We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but that still didn’t stop my parents.  Homeschool families welcomed us with their warm hospitality and friendship and it didn’t cost my parents a dime except in gas or the admission cost to a museum or park.  Also if a loved one is sick you have the flexibility to help and or visit them.
  5. The freedom to start with prayer and have God in your home and as a part of your schooling.  This includes time set aside to read the Bible to your children or for them to read it themselves.

Those 5 things are just a few of the benefits.  Spending quality time with the children is also a huge benefit and my favorite one.  We have great family time.  We eat meals together, share stories of the day, make memories and also have the time to listen and discuss any concerns that the kids have.

Now that we have covered some of the benefits, let’s debunk some of the non truths.

  • The kids will not have enough social time with friends and or activities.overwhelmed

This is probably the most common argument people make and I couldn’t disagree more with it.  I was in 4-H, softball, dance, Awanas to name a few and if anything I was looking for some quiet time not more activity as a child.  Homeschooled children can attend any sport or class in a public school system.  You simply fill out which classes or sport your child will take on your statement of intent. (The statement of intent can be found online under your states site.  This is a link for N.D. statement of intent if you want to just see what one looks like Statement of intent .)  With setting up play dates, sports and field trips you can see where the statement of not having enough social time is false.

I have found that when children can have more quiet time and not more activity they are more settled and are less likely to be overwhelmed and stressed.

  •  I am not skilled enough or have the patience to teach my child.

“If you can love your child you can teach your child”. -Heather Earles

This is a saying I made up for those who think they can’t homeschool.  As I stated in the first paragraph of the article “Homeschooling is an act of love”.  All children want is to know you as a parent care about them and care about how they feel.  There are more tools and different types of courses and curriculum now than there ever were before.  Some of these include on-line self paced courses where your child does everything without the parents help and the company where you purchased the course tests and grades them.  Here is a link to one of those self-paced course.  Workbooks are great for little children so all the parent is doing is taking the time to read the book used in homeschool

Every work book or course has a teacher’s guide and most of the time a video to watch.  You as the parent really just have to be willing to take the time.  It’s not about the level of skill you think you need but about being willing to try.  For subjects you are just not comfortable with and are not going to teach.  For example music.  You then have the freedom to sign your child up for that one class (or more) in public school.  You also have on-line tutors and so on.  Another theory debunked.

I have included a couple of sayings in this post about patience, because that’s what it will take.  You won’t know everything right away and neither will your child.  Keep loving your children as you both learn and grow together and enjoy the memories you will now be able to add along with the peace of mind that your children are exactly where they are supposed to be.  If you lack patience when it comes to your child perhaps you need to slow down and smell the roses.  Patience is a choice.  Not always an easy one, but one you have the power to make.

I hope you found this information helpful and that this article will give you the answers you sought and that you will understand a little more about the homeschooling community.  I would love to answer any more question you might have and or send you more links to resources that will get you started with homeschool.

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