Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child

Christmas Through the eyes of a ChildThere is nothing so innocent then to witness a child at Christmas.

Between the bright twinkling lights to the enormous Christmas tree displayed in the home, everything seems spectacular to a child.

I love watching the excitement as the containers of decorations are brought into the house and the kids pull everything out like it’s a rare gem that needs to be put in just the right place in order for it to shine. Some of the children are more traditional and like things exactly where they were the year before and others want to change things up a bit finding a new spot for the decoration. Watching this makes for a great beginning to the season.

A gift to unwrapThere are other things that add to the overall holiday experience, one of which is Hallmark movies. Can I get a yay for these lovely, family appropriate movies that warm the heart? I know I’m a sap for them and look forward to watching them every Christmas. The kids love them too and light up when the first one comes on for the year.

The Christmas play at the church is another exciting part for a child. Here they get to play the part of Mary, Joseph, a cow, or Angels singing. Everyone applauds as they retell the story of the true meaning of Christmas. With a potluck that includes a table full of desserts afterward, the play is a family favorite among the kids.

Christmas cards are not really on the list of favorites among children as it involves smiling multiple times and sitting still. However, in the end, they do enjoy looking at the cards as they place them in envelopes. In our house we have stations and the kids take turns placing the stamps, licking or sealing the envelopes and sticking on the addresses. Mom likes this too as it’s a big help;).

Getting the Christmas tree is probably the best moment for the children and something they look forward to every year. Their eyes light up as the lights are turned on for the first time making it a memorable moment every season. Once the lights go on the tree, it stays lit until it’s time for it to comes down after New Year. This is no problem since the kids take care to make sure it stays watered and fresh.

holiday memoriesSpeaking of fresh, every child has a renewed feeling because there’s a break from school and the normal schedule. Cookies for breakfast, sleeping in, playing in the snow. What could be more relaxing than that? Snow to adults is not the greatest thing in the world but to a child, it’s an ever-growing playground where snow angels and snowman come to life and amazing sledding opportunities bolster the spirits.

All of these things add to the season, but still, nothing compares to the ultimate reason for Christmas and that’s the day Christ was born. I think that’s when you really get to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. They love that babe in a manger and love to have the story of Christmas read.

It’s not a controversy to them it’s merely Jesus and his story. A story that so long ago brought us all hope. Sure they might not understand the entire meaning depending on their age, but they do understand there’s something special about this particular babe who has songs and stories written about him. He’s special and worth celebrating.

The Story of the First ChristmasBesides the food, excitement, the Christmas play, taking time off from school, music, and presents, it’s the story we tell again and again that matters most.

The house all decorated adds a new energy along with the anticipation of Christmas day but nothing can ever replace the energy or gift we were all given that night.

God Bless- Heather Earles

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