How to Prevent and Treat Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds and natural treatments

Nosebleeds are common and can happen when there is an infection, constant probing, an injury occurs, or the air is extremely dry.

When an injury or infection occurs, the lining in the nose can easily rupture tiny local blood vessels which cause bleeding. In some instances, nosebleeds occur for no apparent reason.

No matter what has caused them, you can treat nosebleeds using natural ways. These don’t work for everyone, but they might be a solution that you haven’t thought of and something you can add to your journal of natural cures or remedies.


  • Intermittent bleeding coming from the nose
  • Soreness of the nose


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Home Type or Traditional Remedies

  • Putting ice or a cold washcloth on the back of your neck while leaning forward and lightly pinching the sides of the nose can often slow down or stop the bleeding. Tipping the head back will cause you to swallow your blood, so be sure to lean forward.
  • Place a drop of lemon oil or juice at the end of a cotton ball and place in the bleeding nostril. As lemon is a natural styptic, it will help to staunch the flow of blood.
  • Coconut oil rubbed right inside the nostril can help prevent nosebleeds from occurring by keeping your nose moistened.
  • Bag Balm is another product you can rub on a cue tip and then the inside of the nose to prevent sores and or bleeding.


Lavender oil, placed in the nostril on a cotton bud, will encourage healing and help staunch the blood.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies by C. Norman Shealy M.D., Ph.D.


Arnica to help with nosebleeds
Flower of Arnica
  • Arnica is great for a nosebleed that has been brought on by bruising or an injury. Arnica can be taken internally or externally.
  • If you are blowing constantly and violently, take phosphorus.

Phosphorus is a mineral that helps with cell communication and strengthens bones. If you are deficient in phosphorus you most likely have a deficiency in magnesium, zinc, and potassium. This deficiency can be cured by taking a vitamin containing all four but be careful, you don’t want to take an amount greater than 200mg of phosphorus per day. This could cause diarrhea or the calcification of soft tissue and organs.

Flower Essence

A few drops of Rescue Remedy diluted in water and place in the nostril may encourage the healing process.

Rescue Remedy can be bought as a liquid or as a cream. It is made from equal amounts of these five essences: cherry plum, for feelings of desperation; rockrose, to ease terror, fear, or panic; impatiens, to soothe irritability and agitation; clematis, to counteract the tendency to drift away from the present; and star of Bethlehem, to address the mental and physical symptoms of shock. Together, these flower essences make a safe mental sanctuary in which to recover. Carry Rescue Remedy with you for all emergencies, such as a shock, an accident, or an argument; or to take before a trying event, such as an. examination, court appearance, or operation.

Make a treatment bottle of Rescue Remedy by adding 2 drops of each constituent flower remedy to a 1fl.oz. (30ml.) bottle of brandy. A cream can be made at home by adding 4 drops of stock Rescue Remedy to a favorite skin cream or neutral base, then adding 2 drops of crab apple.

The Illustration Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies by C. Norman Shealy M.D., Ph.D.
prevention and treatment of nosebleeds
female nose bloody

Caution: If a nosebleed does not stop within a couple of hours you should be checked by a physician.

Nosebleeds are not fun and can prevent you from having a good time. Be sure to have some oils ready in your cupboard to help stop a nosebleed as soon as possible.

Once you have a nosebleed under control, try not to blow hard or aggravate your nose in any way. Why? Because you want to try and prevent the bleeding from once again occuring.

If you live in a dry area or it’s Winter time, be sure to keep the moisture level higher in your house. This could be done by placing a pot of water on your stove or a humidifier that keeps moisture in the air. Both ways will aid and help prevent your nose from getting dried out.

-Heather Earles

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