The Health Benefits of Turmeric for Your Dog

Hello Readers, do you love your pets and want what’s best for them?dog

Turmeric  has been known for its healing abilities long before it became popular.  Now, however, people are catching onto the trend and the reality that turmeric does indeed have major health benefits and not just for humans.

Dogs among other animals have and can benefit greatly from this spice and at a low cost to you. Yes, health doesn’t always need to cost a lot of money. Besides the money factor turmeric is easily given.

How is it given?                                          

  1. You can make a paste and mix it with your dog food.
  2. Sprinkle the turmeric over the top of the food.
  3. Give it in a tablet or chewable form.

turmeric for your dogWhat are the benefits?

  1. Pain reliever
  2. The antioxidants help with healing of damaged joints.
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Removes toxins from the liver. Curcumin stimulates bile production necessary for the digestion of fat in the liver. Active dogs need at least 20% fat in their diet; therefore, bile production is critical for good health.
  5. Arthritis
  6. Lowers bad cholesterol which helps the heart.
  7. Decreases blood clots.
  8. Cancer preventer

dog printsThis list could continue down the page, but hopefully, from the 8 I do have listed above you will see how your dog can benefit greatly.  By adding this simple spice to your dog’s dish, you will be adding to the overall health of your dog and beloved pet!

Taking care of your dogs healthPets are like family to us and regardless if your pet lives outdoors or in the house, we can agree that their health matters.  We want for them a long healthy life and to give them a fighting chance.  We also want to prevent some things listed above like arthritis, cancer and so on. Turmeric for your dog will greatly improve their endurance and lifespan giving them quality hours, days and ultimately years.

Here’s to you and your happy Dog!

-Heather Earles

Turmeric for your Health

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