How to Create a Space and Make it Your Own

making a space your ownWe’ve talked about decluttering and now we’re going to talk about how to make a clean and clutter-free space your own.

Everyone has different ideas of how a certain space, such as a living room or office should look. Some might prefer pastels and flowers, others a man cave, and others a personal space where they can enjoy simple pleasures. I enjoy clean and natural colors with a touch of antique accents where I can relax, accomplish and enjoy my areas without being stressed.

Regardless of what your personal space looks like, no idea or design is wrong if that’s what you prefer. Your space should be an area where you can relax, enjoy and accomplish things with ease. If it’s not, then you should make a change.

When recreating a room there are three R’s I go by, and they are:

  • Remove
  • Repaint
  • Rebuild

These are the three most efficient ways on how to create a space and make it your own. you can change your area.

color swatchesRemoving something is the easiest way to make space your own. It’s also the cheapest. Sometimes certain pieces don’t fit, match or are broken. Removing them can feel liberating and relieve a lot of stress.

When removing an item, be sure you have somewhere for your things to go ahead of time. Whether it’s to the second-hand store, garage sale or a new place, don’t just pile them in a different space creating somewhere else you don’t like to go near.

Repainting is the next way to dramatically create a space you love. With the color choices available now you can find the perfect shade that helps you feel inspired, refreshed and energetic. Whatever you desire your mood to be in the space you’re creating, paint can do wonders.

Rebuilding is more expensive but sometimes that’s exactly what your space needs. With houses and apartments all different, at times you must create a piece that fits just right.

I’ve tried getting by with what I have but then I don’t end up using the space.

How to Create a Space and Make it Your OwnRight now, one of my projects is to make my office space MY OWN. I have a desk that has been sufficient, but it never fit the space or me, so I would take my laptop somewhere else to work. That’s not ideal which is why I’m making the change to recreate and personalize my office.

One advantage of living on a farm is I have access to old lumber. This has made this project enjoyable, cost-free and efficient.

It doesn’t always happen that way, but if you look around it’s quite possible to repurpose something you already have or give it that coat of paint we talked about.

Rebuilding is expensive, Repainting takes time and Removing can make you money if you resell the object.

Everyone has different ideas and different amounts in their checkbook, but no matter which one you’re able to do a space can be uniquely designed to fit you.

When we recreate something the way that fits us best, we tend to keep it cleaner. That might sound unusual but it’s true.

Out of multiple people’s homes, I can pinpoint the exact room in which the homeowner likes to spend time in based on its order and organized manner.

What if your entire house was a space you loved? By following the advice in this article it can be, and something every person should strive for. You will feel more confident, comfortable and so will your relatives and acquaintances.

Big or small doesn’t matter. You don’t have to live in a castle to have a nice space, it just has to be yours and fit who you are. People will notice and feel excited to spend time with you in your special, one of a kind area.

Remember in my post on How to Declutter your House in One Day? If it doesn’t have a place it needs to go. This is the first step in How to Create a Space and Make it Your Own. The garage is included.

creating a clean space in your garageAlthough you may not spend as much time in your garage, you still need to find things. When it’s organized, clean and situated the way you want, it becomes a non-stress place you love.

If you’re not sure on what your preferred area would look like but know you don’t enjoy what you have, then look at magazines, go online to Pinterest or think about what you enjoy most about your friends or families homes you have visited.

I like creating boards on Pinterest and also cut out magazine articles that represent an area I want to change or colors I like. The magazine clippings I file under Home Ideas and on Pinterest I have them under the board, Home.

You can obviously use whatever method fits you best.

Warning: If you’re like me and tend to jump into a project remember a little planning goes a long way.

Here is a simple checklist I now go over before beginning a new project.

  1. Clean the area I’ll be working in or on.
  2. Research through the internet or magazines what I would like the finished product to look like.
  3. Think about how I want the area to feel (happy, energetic, relaxing etc.)
  4. See what I have that could be repurposed to fit the new area.
  5. Get the required tools or supplies to start and finish the project.
  6. Begin!

This list will give you a way to organize your thoughts so you don’t waste time and resources beginning something you can’t finish.

man caveThe first step to creating anything is to begin. The next step is to finish. By having a checklist, you can accomplish both.

One of the biggest problems with starting any project or reaching any goal is getting sidetracked, so don’t do it! Have a plan and follow through.

By following some of these pointers and lists, you are sure to end up with a home you love and individual areas/spaces you enjoy.

Women and Men, if you have spouses be sure to include them in your planning and recreating the areas that represent you. If you’re single then you don’t have to worry about it, but a happy marriage includes sharing a home.

Now that you are aware of How to Create a Space and Make it Your Own, I will leave you to explore the areas you want to change and let the planning and dreaming begin.

Cheers for now- Heather Earles




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