Is there any Hope in Pain and Suffering?

painLife isn’t always roses.  I write a lot of motivational and inspiring post, but today I’m going to talk about pain, hurt and suffering.

There is pain in life that will sometimes swallow you whole.  It’s real and hurts more than we think we can take at times.  People try to comfort you but in the end the choice is yours to let it swallow you completely or slowly, day by day try to rise above the hurt and pain.

God promised us that this life would not be perfect, that there would be suffering of the greatest kind.  Some have experienced more of it than others but all of us have cried because of a hurt inflicted on us by others or a pain from losing someone whether they are still alive or passed on.  The pain goes so deep at times that we can’t seem to get past it.

We have also been the cause of hurt and pain and the guilt from that seems to swallow us up.  It drowns out any kind of light, joy or hope in tomorrow and makes it feel as though life can’t go on.

crying AngelWhether we are Christians or not we are weak.  At our strongest the devil seems to find a soft spot in our armor.  When that happens we can question whether God will continue to love us, if there is any purpose on this earth for us sinners and we struggle to get our footing again.  Our mind eats away at us and the only comfort we get is when we sleep.  Sometimes the dreams come even then, torturing us and reminding us how worthless we are.

Suicide, rejection, depression, anxiety, despair, a failure, I’m useless.  These are all names of what happens or what we call ourselves when deep hurt and pains come.

There is only one way a person can crawl out of this pit with no walls.  Only one person who has a long enough rope to send down to us and that is God.  If we grab on we not only get pulled out but God has put on his rope, forgiveness, love, care, peace and gentleness so as we climb we are filled with what we so desperately need at the moment.  We all need to be wrapped in loving arms and told we have worth, but unless we except and believe that, we will be stuck in that pit forever.

The rope is always extended.  No matter who you are or where you’re from, God’s saving rope never goes away or becomes tattered or old.  I know all to well how difficult it is to grab that rope, but no matter how broken you feel or how unworthy, it always; he always heals.

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.”

Even after we have become Christians we can become wretches.  That being said always remember Christ will except your plea for forgiveness and will wash your sins away, leaving you clean.  Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is truly believing that statement and loving yourself when you feel so worthless and un-lovable.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”Matthew 7:7

pain and sufferingThis scripture is your promise that he is there and extending you his rope of grace.  None of us will ever be worthy to receive it, but it is a gift he has given anyways.  Take it, treasure it and live with the knowledge that you will always be worth it to Christ!

-Heather Earles




Who am I? I am a mystery even to myself. Who I was seems so far gone that I barely remember anymore. The innocence, the freedom to be oneself, the alone time where no one is trying to sway your thoughts but Christ. I yearn for that person, that place, but it’s long gone. What person am I now? What time has come? Is there a reckoning that can be rekindled within the soul? It there a place where happiness awaits and new joys can be discovered? In Christ alone my hope is found, my strength runs as deep as the spirit within me. Do not leave, but fight for me and stay. Guide, help, pull me out of this darkness. Let me lean once again on you. -Heather Earles



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