Top Travel Tips for Summer

Top Travel Tips 
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Ready, set, go…

Summer is a time for fun but also a time for traveling since school is out.

Parents, at last, can relax and take a break from the norm, and the kids can see their cousins, friends, or parts of the world that are new.

Yes, to travel is a grand adventure, but it can also be a little stressful to plan or keep people occupied in the car. I have just returned from a 26-hour car ride and am well aware of the do’s and don’ts when traveling.

  1. Travel light. Whether you are traveling as a couple or with children, the vehicle can become very small the farther you need to go. To avoid feeling claustrophobic or stressed, keep your car clean, travel light, and use your trunk or storage area when you do not need something.
  2. Stop and get some fresh air. By stopping you give your legs and body a chance to get the circulation moving. You also help prevent accidents by clearing your head. We all want to get to our destination, but it’s not healthy to sit for an extended length of time. Get out, stretch, and exchange stale air for fresh reviving your brain and helping to prevent headaches.
  3. Pack healthy snacks. People like to snack, that is nothing new, but when you are stuck in a vehicle plan ahead and take something that will not leave you feeling guilty. If it’s healthy, snack away enjoying the freshness of veggies, fruits, and nuts.
  4. Bring activities for the children. There is nothing a parent dislikes more than to hear the dreaded words, “Are we there yet?” Children, depending on their age, do not understand time as well as we would like. An hour to them seems like an eternity, which is why an activity is helpful. I don’t encourage electronics, I’m old school and like to promote games like what type of shape do you see in the clouds, the movie game where someone has to sing a chorus and another has to guess which movie it is from, a coloring or reading book, or an old-time classic, road kill bingo.
  5. Keep it positive. Someone is going to get tired, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to start snapping at each other. Words are powerful and can leave a deep wound. Stopping or turning on music or audios are all good ideas that will prevent you from having to apologize.
  6. Don’t be one of those people that demands silence or curses when someone has to go to the bathroom. People like to talk and pee and if you have a problem with that you should plan on taking a trip very close to home. Or go by yourself.
  7. If you see something interesting along the road, then pull over. Traveling can be so exciting when you deviate from the plan. I’m not talking about stopping every mile but hard-charging it until you reach your hotel doesn’t allow you to enjoy the beauty you might see along the way.
  8. Always have a plan B. You never know when a place you usually stop at will be sold out because of a softball tournament or whatever. Have a couple of towns in mind and check on hotels before you start.
  9. Keep your gas tank half full. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a dead stop with road construction looking at my gas gage.
  10. Carry a first aid bag or container. When you are on the road, unexpected things will happen, and you need to prepare for them. Not just for your safety but in the case you need to help someone else.
  11. Check your tires, fluids, and before you ever begin, check your spare. A well-oiled machine is more likely to get you to your destination.
  12. If you carry a concealed weapon, know the laws in the states where you will be traveling.
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Enjoy your surroundings

Traveling is half planning; the other half is enjoying. Using these Top Travel Tips will help you and your passengers have a memorable time and not stress.

Happy Trails!

-Heather Earles

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