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When amazing healing happens that doesn’t involve prescription drugs or surgery, I want to tell the world about it.

This product may not be for everyone but that’s for you to decide. I’m only here to tell you about my experience with VoxxLife and some comments from a few others.

Review of: VoxxLife               Use: Improves balance, circulation, and endurance.

“My life changed a few weeks ago when I was introduced to VoxxLife, by a friend, whose husband has had amazing results with his Parkinson’s. When I saw the change in him, I knew immediately I had to become a Wellness Ambassador for this company. In a few short weeks, I have helped so many. This not work, it’s a pure labor of love to be able to help others with immediate results.”

Bruce Macdonald

“I purchased a pair of stasis socks for my husband for his fibromyalgia pain management. When he put them on a stitch slipped and a run developed… I have messaged and emailed this company twice since Sunday. 30-day warranty means Nothing if there is ZERO customer service… $46 for a pair of socks maybe someone will get back to me now! I finally received my replacement socks for my husband. He’s worn them once so far. I will change my review when and if there is some improvement for him.”

Dianne Melnychuk

“I’ve just started wearing Voxx socks and insoles and I have noticed a distinct difference in how long I am able to stand comfortably. I also see a marked improvement in my gait while walking and in my sleep.”

Deanne Trewin

Those were literally a few remarks from people happy and not so happy.

Things I Like                                   

  1.  The immediate results                                          
  2.  Quality of product 
  3.  Different colors and types

Things I Don’t Like

  1. The need to sign for the product
  2. Length of delivery                               

VoxxLife products are for anyone at any age.  They help improve so many aspects of health even to include Parkinson’s.  You are guaranteed to love the VoxxLife insoles and or socks or you get your money back.

This is an incredible chance to improve your balance, circulation, and overall health.  What are you waiting for?  

Get Your First Pair Now!

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So, I have to tell you my incredible story for the sole purpose that I want to help you!!

Two and a half years ago while wearing steel-toed boots and working on an incline, I received a stress fracture in my right foot. While the fracture did indeed heal the swelling in all of my toes, foot, ankle, and calf did not go away. I walked around in a boot, crutches, went to physical therapy and saw every foot and vain specialist there was. Nothing would take the swelling out. The doctor actually told me “It looks like you’re going to have a Shrek foot your whole life.” If you know me, you also know that his statement didn’t sit very well, but what could I do that I hadn’t already?

size chart for voxx insoles and socks

Well, about two weeks ago I went to a friend’s house to help her in her garden. When I got there she asked me if I’ve ever heard of Voxx insoles? I said no at which point she asked if she could do a balance test on me. Although I was like “Ya right these things can’t possibly do everything they say,” I took the test because she’s my friend. After taking the balance test I was still a little skeptical. Instead of her giving up on me she said: “Just borrow my pair and stick them in your boots while we weed.” It couldn’t hurt, so I agreed. Right away my foot had this burning type feeling. “Whatever,” I thought and we went about our work.

A little over an hour later when we had finished in the garden, I took my foot out of my boot to give her back her insoles and couldn’t believe what I saw. The swelling in my foot was down by half :0. It was visual, I could see an amazing difference. That’s the most normal my foot had looked since my injury 2 1/2 years ago. I bought a pair without any more questions or critical remarks.

my friend who introduced me to voxxlife
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That night, after wearing the insoles all day, the swelling everywhere was down, even more so than it had been before. Not only that but I haven’t had one migraine since wearing them. I was one of those who turned off the lights and held my head as the pounding in my brain made me nauseous. Now nothing!! I could have cried. For $50.00 I had a normal looking foot and no migraines. All the money I’ve spent on the specialist makes me sick now, seriously sick.

guaranteed money back

I can’t help but tell you my story in hopes that you will give them a try. My website is and if you aren’t satisfied you get your money back. What have you got to lose, but an incredible chance at a healthier life!!! This is my story and there are so many others. I wasn’t a believer until it happened to me, so you can’t tell me it was a mind thing. If you know of anyone who could benefit, please pass this along. The website explains the technology and how this amazing product works. It’s worth your time, I promise you that.

Here’s to you and living a healthy life.

– Heather Earles

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