Balance is needed in our Life

Balance is key to keeping a sane mind and if you have a family, a sane household.

Balance is needed and created

My best friend and I were just talking about this subject the other day.  We both have personal health, business and life goals that are all due at the same time.  Instead of balancing like we should and know to do, we’ve been putting in long, long hours.  What happened as a result of that?  Our husbands and children (which are our first and foremost priority) weren’t getting the time they needed.

It’s easy to lose sight of the things that are going great, even fine when we are led by passion or a drive to do something.  We think the things that are going great will continue to because we’ve put so much time in.  This isn’t the case.  They were going great because we put time and effort into them, but once we stopped, they started to slide.  This doesn’t take very long to happen.  You’ve all realized how hard you work to accomplish a task and then in one moment something small can destroy everything.  This is the same kind of thing.  It takes hard work and effort to make something great, but very little time to erase all of your work or effort.

AfterScale praying for balance and applying it, guess what?  Goals are still being met and the family is once again happy.  Our lives needed balance.

You have all heard the scripture “There is a season for everything.”  I don’t know why, but this scripture has always rubbed me the wrong way.  Perhaps it’s because a lot of people use it to make excuses for why they don’t get something done.  Instead of balance they just quit, saying it’s not the right season.  I see what the scripture is saying and I’m not judging those who use it.  As a matter of fact, my girlfriends use it all of the time.  It’s scripture after all.  For my own edification, I will merely say it a different way.  God gives us different jobs or tasks at different times in our life, with the knowledge we will complete them.  There I feel better and we can move on:).

I believe God will reward our efforts when we are mindful and align them with his word.  “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps” Proverbs 16:9.  This is a verse I recite every morning.  Reminding me to keep balance, but still set and meet goals for this time, this day, this moment and this season.

When I try to control and go outside of God’s plan, even for a good cause I am stressed, tired and always end up being exhausted!  When I let God control, I have a quiet spirit and am able to be a blessing to myself, family and everyone else in range, while still meeting my goals! 🙂

Now, more than ever, we need balance.  We live in a hurry up or get left behind kind of time.  We try to meet our goals, succeed, and make people happy all at the same time.  Just remember who controls all time.  Every day, hour and minute, God is ultimately in control and will help us meet our goals no matter what kind of world or time we live in.  There is no need to neglect our first priorities or duties to accomplish a goal or a dream.  All we need is to be a little wiser with our time and energy.  Don’t say this is not the right season, instead, say I have been given this passion now and I can carry it out by being purposeful with my time and by creating a balance so it doesn’t affect my first priorities.  Below I will give an example of what I mean:

  1. 5am-8am I will read my Bible say affirmations, exercise and work on the computer.balancing life
  2. 8am-12pm teach the kids school.
  3. 12pm-1pm lunch
  4. 1pm-2pm continue school
  5. 2pm-4pm, straighten up the house.
  6. 4pm-6pm plan and start supper.
  7. 6pm-7pm eat supper and clean up.
  8. 7pm-8:30 pm Family time.
  9. 8:30 – Bedtime.

Okay so this is just a rough draft but you get the general idea of how time management can help you balance, yet still help you get everything accomplished.  Not everyone will have the same list.  Seasons change with jobs, moving, school, but with balance and making a schedule you will always accomplish what you set out to do.  A season for everything doesn’t mean you stop doing or excelling because something happened.  It doesn’t mean you give up.  It means you balance so you can manage better, holding onto your dreams and goals, ones God has instilled in you.  If you can do this, you and your family will be happier.


  1. Prioritize by keeping the most important things first.
  2. Manage your time.
  3. Do not quit.
  4. Pray; always pray and you will have balance in your life.

Here’s to you and your Season of Life – Heather Earles

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