The Importance of Having Balance in Our Lives

Balance is needed in our life
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Now more than ever, we have a choice of how we spend our time or balance out what’s important to us and our lives.

Decisions and choices that you make now will not only impact your future but those you support and care about.

Balance is the key to keeping a sane mind and if you have a family, a sane household. Everyone craves time and attention and if you own a home or possession of any kind they also need attention or maintenance to hold their value and or quality.

So, how do we do that? How do we maintain balance while accomplishing what it is that we need to do and want to do?

What Happens When We Tip the Scale or Neglect to Balance Our Lives?

tipping the scale to balance your life

Well, my best friend and I were talking about this subject the other day. We both have personal health, business, and life goals that are all due at the same time and instead of balancing as we should, we’ve been putting in longer hours. 

Did that help? No. What happened, as a result, was our husbands and children (which are our first and foremost priority) weren’t getting the time they needed and overall felt neglected.

It’s so easy to lose sight of the things that are going great, even fine when we’re led by passion or a drive to do something. Especially if that something is making us money or moving us into a social position that we feel is needed to advance our carriers.

We think the things that are going great will continue but that’s not always the case. The things that are successful in our life, whether that be relationships, health, or our home, are usually the things we put time and effort into. However, once we stopped, they start to unravel or degrade.

How much time are we talking? From experience, I’ve learned that it does not take very long at all. You’ve all realized how hard you work to accomplish a task, and then in one moment, something or someone can destroy everything—kind of like a child toppling over building blocks as soon as you stack them. In short, it takes hard work and effort to make something great, but very little time to erase it if you’re not putting in a continual effort.

Do not be discouraged for there are simple ways in which any person can maintain balance in their lives while living a tremendous life. You may not agree with all of these, but I would encourage you still read all of them. There may be a time when you can help someone else and their struggle to keep that steady balance in which you can offer advice based on their needs and not just yours.

As a people lover and health advocate I’m always looking for ways to improve not only my life but those around me, as should you.


What Are Some Ways in Which you Can Help Balance Your Life?

# 1 Spirituality

You have all heard the scripture, “There is a season for everything.”  I don’t know why, but this scripture has always rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps it’s because a lot of people use it to make excuses for why they don’t get something done. Instead of balance, they just quit, saying it’s not the right season. 

I see what the scripture is saying, and I’m not judging those who use it. My girlfriends use it all of the time. It’s scripture, after all. For my edification, I will merely say it differently. God gives us different jobs or tasks at different times in our life, with the knowledge we will complete them. There I feel better, and we can move on :).

I believe God will reward our efforts when we are mindful and align them with his word.  “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps” Proverbs 16:9.  This is a verse I recite every morning.  Reminding me to keep balance, but still set and meet goals for this time, this day, this moment and this season.

When I try to control and go outside of God’s plan, even for a good cause, I am stressed, and always end up exhausted!  But when I let God take control, I have a quiet spirit and am able to be a blessing to myself, family, and everyone else in range, while still meeting my goals!

Although we live in a hurry-up or get left behind kind of world, just remember who controls all time. Every day, hour, and minute, God is ultimately in control and will help us meet our goals no matter what kind of world or time we live in. 

# 2 Time Scheduling

keeping track of the time

There is no need to neglect your priorities or duties to accomplish a goal or a dream. All you need is to be a little wiser with your time and energy. Don’t say this is not the right season; instead, say I have been given this passion now, and I can carry it out by being purposeful with my time and by creating a balance, so it doesn’t affect my priorities.

Here is an example…

  1. 5 am-8 am I will read my Bible say affirmations, exercise, and work on the computer.
  2. 8 am-12 pm teach the kids school.
  3. 12pm-1pm lunch
  4. 1pm-2pm continue school
  5. 2 pm-4 pm, straighten up the house or work on a small upkeep project.
  6. 4 pm-6 pm I plan, start and make supper.
  7. 6 pm-7 pm, eat and clean up.
  8. 7 pm-9 pm In the Summer, it is chore time or vegetable picking. In Winter, it is family time.
  9. 9 – Bedtime for the kids, and I work on writing.
  10. My day ends differently depending on the seasons, but I encourage at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

This is just a rough draft but you get the general idea of how time management can help you balance, yet still help you get everything accomplished. Not everyone will have the same list. I realize seasons change with jobs, moving, and school, but with balance and making a schedule you will always accomplish what you set out to do.

# 3 Words of Affirmation

What we say in our mind or out loud has perhaps the most significant effect on our lives yet. If you say it, it will come true. Whether that be a good thing or bad depends on the thoughts and words themselves. Because of that, be very careful what you allow into your mind, heart, and soul as it will eventually turn you into that person if you are thinking about it constantly or saying it aloud.

I’m not kidding. If you don’t want something to happen then don’t think about it or say it!!!

# 4 Live For the Moment

Balancing life sometimes means living in the moment. Unexpected events or opportunities come along, and if we’re too busy or only do things by the book, we’ll miss them. Part of life is enjoying those moments of surprise without feeling guilty or, it’s not on the schedule, so I can’t.

Note: If you’re married, talk with your spouse and explain as some opportunities may not be right for you as a couple. If you need to leave the ones you love behind, then I would suggest letting go of whatever it is and rethink your priorities.

The grass is not always greener on the other side, sometimes you just need to water your lawn ;).

# 5 Take Care of Your Body

I know better than anyone what a toll stress and life can do to your body if you don’t take care of it. Forget living for the moment or time scheduling. If your body and health suffer and can’t perform then you will struggle with the simplest of tasks.

Believe it or not, your body can break down. It’s hard to think of that when we’re feeling strong and at our peak. Remember, though, what we don’t take care of can and will decline, and health is no exception.

So balance by making time for self-care to include eating healthy and getting enough sleep to give your body enough energy to start and finish each day.

# 6 Connecting

Having a connection with someone is very special. It could be a spouse or a friend, but a true connection can help you sift through life’s good times and bad.

“Is there a person or a tactic you can use to keep yourself supported, motivated, and focused in those hard times? I highly recommend connecting and sharing your inner process with someone. Find someone who can help you challenge your inner demons, and celebrate your little accomplishments.” – Jasmin Tanjeloff

staying connected as we balance life
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# 7 Prepare and Plan

You need to know what it is you want in life before you can find the balance in it. “What is your inner “stuff” that will try to keep you from sticking to your plan? Fears, worries, doubts, negative self-talk, what? Can you specify the things you will say to yourself to push you off track? (For example: “Just one more bite, I’ll start eating better tomorrow”) Make a list,” and then focus on the daily habits to accomplish and overcome them.

# 8 Overcome Defeat

Never stop doing or excelling because something happened. Trials don’t come so you can give in or up. They teach us and help us to balance and manage our life as we hold onto our dreams and goals. God has instilled in you all the tools you need to succeed in life if only you believe in yourself. 

Belief and overcoming defeat are a powerful tool and one that will empower you to succeed and create a happier life for yourself and your family.

# 9 Reflect and Reset

As I stated at the beginning, life gets away sometimes and we need to reflect and reset to get our balance right again.

Balance is created

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take time once a week or every day if you need to evaluate how things are going in your mind and soul. Do you feel on a level plain, or do you feel out of control? If you feel perfectly content, continue on your path. If you don’t, think of a time when you did and do a reset to turn yourself around.

“Balance means that you have a handle on the various elements in your life. Also, you don’t feel that your heart or mind is being pulled too hard in any direction. More often than not, you feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated.” And that my friends is the overall goal.

# 10 Take Action

Nothing happens in life unless you take the steps and make it an action. Effort equals balance and success.


How to keep balance in your life
#heatherearles #herbnwisdom #naturallving #balancinglife #health #slowingdown #healthblogger #podcaster

With that, I will end and encourage you to find yourself and balance in your season of life.

Take care, stay free, and have a healthy week.
Heather Earles
Heather Earles

Heather is married to a retired Special Forces Officer, and they live on a farm with their four children. She is an established author, a stay-at-home mother, and an advocate for healthy living. She publishes a weekly blog and podcast (Herb ‘N Wisdom™) and writes for a local newspaper to aid and inspire others.

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