Faith can move Mountains

mountainFaith is not just something that comes at Christmas time.  It is something that grows inside of us when we practice it.  It is amazing to me how God knows when we need a good dose.  I was sitting by the fire tonight thinking I need to up my game.  Achieve more not only in this coming year, but tonight, tomorrow and the next day.  As I was sitting here thinking about it, my husband gave me a letter from a friend.  The words held Faith, Hope and Love.  It was a message I needed.  It was someone believing in what I am capable of not for my purpose or glory, but for Gods!

Sometimes we question if we are on the right track, but God said if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you have only to ask the mountain and it will move.  This time God literally sent me a message in the mail saying yes, you are on the right track.  He just used one of his Angels to do to move a mountain

Faith is something we need everyday.  It is something that has and will change the lives of people until the return of the King.  When we have faith we are not trying to do it on our own.  We are saying that we believe in something bigger than ourselves. Whenever you believe in something bigger like, helping others, your goals and life you won’t be able to fathom or imagine how much bigger it will all get.  Not only that but it will be fulfilled.

You see that’s exactly what faith accomplishes.  It helps you grow into something that other people see worth while.  It get’s others to notice and say “Hey, I want what she or he has.”  If you want something then go out and get it.  Have faith in yourself that you will make a difference and that you can change the world.

God doesn’t care what the color of your skin is, because he sees the heart and last time I checked that wasn’t color coded.  If faith can move mountains then why do we have so little of it?  A question that has lots of answers: I was beat as a kid, no one ever believed in me, I have tried but keep failing, I have no money, I pray but my marriage is a sham.  What ever your excuse, yes excuse, it comes down to you believing and having faith that God can and will use you for his glory.  Having faith isn’t dependent on something other than you believing.


If you want answers then have faith they will come.  Believe without seeing.  Keep doing what you are called to do without doubting who you are all the time.  Stay encouraged and keep reading truth.  What you put in you will get out.  If you want faith, then read about faith, you want truth, read about truth, you want to be shown the way, then read about the way the truth and the life.  It is in one spot, the Bible.  Some call that a five letter word, but I call that the reason we know how to do anything right.

We have faith the sun will come up tomorrow.  This is true for anyone, believer or not.  If we have faith in something so huge then why do we struggle with the mustard seed.  You live by faith everyday, but do you live by faith?  That is the question I want to leave you with today.  Are you moving mountains or are you wallowing in self-pity?  I truly believe that “If you believe it you can achieve it.”  That is not just another helpful saying but truth.  No matter your back round, no matter your race, no matter what limits others have put on you.  “If you believe it you can and will achieve it.”

God believes in you, I believe in you and that is a start.  Now it’s time for you to believe in yourself!!!!

Heather Earles

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  1. Brian Morgan said:

    Thank you for your post “Faith …”. It’s nice to hear, Ransomed Heart today had a similar message, about reading scripture to God. I normally have a few devotionals that I read, those help me focus and clear my mind. I’ve been through a lot, yet suffering can teeter between having more love towards others and even anger toward others naivety and their lack of having suffered. Job was a lucky man, at least after serious torment, pain and rejection, and God restored his life and family etc. So hope prevailed. We don’t like to dwell on the “negative” (opposite of faith & hope), but we have it easy, millions in the world don’t even have food or drinking water, while we celebrate God. ~ Brian

    January 5, 2017
    • Thank you for your comment Brian. You are right, There are people who have suffered and are suffering while we celebrate, but the more people have faith and discover their purpose God gave them the more we will be able to help others. Some will become missionaries and give those hope, some will tell their neighbor and be an encouragement and some will provide fresh drinking water to those who have none. So don’t be afraid to celebrate. -Heather

      January 9, 2017

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