What is a Woman?

A womanA Woman is poise and grace.

complicated only to man, hard-working and a multi tasker. She is easily wounded because she runs off of emotions, cares too much about what people think and cries because, well that’s just what she does sometimes.

She has a job description that would fill a resume front to back.  Plumber, electrician, child care, teacher, rodent removal, dog trainer, laundry service, chef and personal assistant name a few of her qualified jobs.  She did not receive a certificate for these, but in every way has earned the title.   

A woman is feminine but not so fragile that she can’t lift hay bales, mow the lawn, gut chickens, fix fence or run a household. She needs to be shown she’s loved by actions and or words.  She respects and honors the male species especially when they are nice to look at.


 Woman ask too many questions and don’t always listen to the answer.  They huddle together in droves even when headed to the bathroom.  She doesn’t always have the best attitude but works hard to improve it everyday.  She is a perfectionist at times and becomes overwhelmed by all there is to do on a day-to-day basis.
Hallmark or chick flicks are at the top of her list because frogs that turn into princes really do exist. She has emotional ups and downs because of PMS or menopause, But what fun would a stable woman be?:).  She keeps you guessing and never lets a moment pass without a camera.  Even if it involves you naked standing in a chicken coop with a dog and a shotgun.

She is beauty itself and can bewitch a man so that he would conquer the world just to please her.  She has a vast amount of control in the house but chooses to honor the position of her man.  She loves deeply, enjoys dancing, visiting with family and making a house a home.

A Woman lives to feel she is important especially in the eyes of her man.  Her job is not always rewarding but she has a stewards heart and keeps on doing it anyways.  She cherishes those that are dear to her heart and holds tightly to good times. She is attracted to masculinity and that is why she has tried everything possible to be noticed by men. 

woman on a bikeShe is a lover and a friend, a treasure of the highest worth.  She is elegance and worth waiting for.  She is a one of a kind and not something to take for granted. She worries a lot and makes life harder than it should be.  She is a poet, life-giver, novelist, mom, caregiver and nurse.

A woman is God’s choice for man and will give you her everything if you will simply just love her.      
So to put it as plain as plain can be, a woman = She (hope that clarifies it:).
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