Bone Broth: How to Make It and Why You Should

How to Make Homemade Bone Broth
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First, What is Bone Broth?

Bone Broth is a mixture of ingredients that are slow cooked, filtered and then served in drink form.

You can freeze the mixture in separate containers if you make a large batch. Or, keep it in your refrigerator for about two weeks.

Where did bone broth come from?

“The bone broth is a traditional food that your grandmother likely made often (and if not, your great-grandmother definitely did). Many societies around the world still consume broth regularly as it is cheap and highly nutrient-dense food.”

Some homes still offer that, and some don’t. Some run to the doctor or store instead of making something simple, like bone broth, at home.

What Can I Eat to Replace Vitamins?
#herbnwisdom #heatherearles #naturalliving #bonebroth #broth #homesteading #naturalremedies #healthydrinks #health #beefbones

Synthetic vitamins aren’t the be all end all. For a lot of people, vitamins give them upset stomach’s or are hard to swallow. That doesn’t mean I’m against them. I think healthy food should be your first choice in getting the vitamins you need.

If you’re not able to eat in a way that gives your body the nutrition it needs, pure vitamins can be added as a substitute. Now, don’t buy vitamins from the store and then eat like crap, that’s counterproductive and a bad habit. To enjoy your life, you need to take care of your body. Bad eating habits might seem okay now, but eventually, they will catch up with you.

We all know that diabetes, heart failure, and cancer are real. But, that doesn’t mean you need to be a victim of them. By eating healthy, you are giving your body and life the best fighting chance.

Benefits of eating/drinking broth?

“Rich in minerals, (especially easy absorbed calcium), cartilage, marrow, and gelatin, bone broth just might be the answer to osteoporosis.”


I’ll let you know if that’s true in 40 years as I drink bone broth religiously.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite
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“Homemade bone broth can reduce the likelihood of cellulite. Cellulite is fat that lacks collagen support, and women who have more collagen in their diet are less likely to develop it. So, it’s not about losing fat (we’ve all seen skinny people with cellulite), it’s about getting back to a diet that supports the structure of your cells.”


Besides offering collagen support, this rich broth is very nutritious. “However, the nutrient content does depend on the ingredients you use, as each brings something different to the table.

Animal bones are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and other trace minerals — the same minerals needed to build and strengthen your own bones.

Fish bones also contain iodine, which is essential for healthy thyroid function and metabolism.

Connective tissue gives you glucosamine and chondroitin, natural compounds found in cartilage that are known to support joint health.

Marrow provides vitamin A, vitamin K2, minerals like zinc, iron, boron, manganese and selenium, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

All of these animal parts also contain the protein collagen, which turns into gelatin when cooked and yields several important amino acids.

As the ingredients simmer, their nutrients are released into the water in a form your body can easily absorb.

Many people don’t get enough of these nutrients in their diet, so drinking bone broth is an excellent way to get more.” –

Unfortunately, as each batch is different, it’s impossible to know the exact amount of each nutrient contained.

Recipe for Bone Broth

How to Make Homemade Bone Broth
#herbnwisdom #heatherearles #naturalliving #bonebroth #broth #homesteading #naturalremedies #healthydrinks #health #beefbones
  • Gather and place your organic beef or chosen type of bones into a crockpot,
  • Then cover with water.
  • Add one whole apple (I use one from our tree).
  • An entire garlic head (unpeeled), and
  • One whole onion, unpeeled. Do not use onion if you plan to feed the bones to your dogs as onions can be toxic.
  • Next, pour one Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the crockpot and
  • A handful of celery tops or the pieces in the middle of the celery cluster.
How to Make Homemade Bone Broth
#herbnwisdom #heatherearles #naturalliving #bonebroth #broth #homesteading #naturalremedies #healthydrinks #health #beefbones
  • Now, cook on high for twelve hours.
  • Once finished, turn off your crockpot.
  • Then, using a slotted spoon, remove all the contents minus the broth and discard or feed to your animals.
How to Make Homemade Bone Broth
#herbnwisdom #heatherearles #naturalliving #bonebroth #broth #homesteading #naturalremedies #healthydrinks #health #beefbones
  • Pour your bone broth into your chosen container and cool in the refrigerator until the fat separates to the top.
  • Remove and discard.
How to Make Homemade Bone Broth
#herbnwisdom #heatherearles #naturalliving #bonebroth #broth #homesteading #naturalremedies #healthydrinks #health #beefbones
Broth after the fat has been removed.
  • That’s it; you can now freeze in an airtight container, or glass jar until you are ready to use.
  • To drink, warm the broth in a cup or on your stovetop and enjoy to wonderful flavor and benefits it has to offer.

Note: For a larger batch, double your recipe. If you don’t have access to organic bones, ask your local butcher to save you some edible for human consumption.

Change isn’t always for the better. When we lost our ability/desire to prepare food from home, we lost essential meals, remedies, and healthy alternatives to vitamins and medicines.

People now are trying to relearn or incorporate good eating habits that their relatives, sometimes even one generation ago, all did at home.

Remember the saying, “Home is where the heart is?” This saying, tells of growing up in a welcoming environment where meals, and mothers took time to prepare and see to the well-being of their family.

Why not start that tradition again?

Cheers y’all-

Heather Earles

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