How to Peel and Mince Garlic

How do you peel and mince garlic?
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Garlic is perhaps the easiest vegetable to grow.

In the Spring you plant it, wait for it to grow, and then pick it when the stems, like onions, start to die.

Collect your garlic, clip the ends, and then place it in a hanging onion bag. Store in a cool, dry area. I hang ours in the basement and then pull one out when I need it for cooking or for when I want to mince garlic like I will show you in this article.

Minced garlic is one more thing you can add to your DIY food projects. Why go to the store and spend money on something that takes very little time at home to make? When you purchase food from the store, you never know what’s in it, not really.

Garlic bought from the store is stored in preservatives, but here we are going to use olive oil. Knowing precisely what you’re eating is priceless.

Garlic has many benefits which you can read about here Besides how it can help you health-wise, there are different ailments that garlic can alleviate, like curing an earache

No matter how you look at it, the only thing not going for garlic is the smell on your breath and sometimes body odor, but they can be eliminated by:

Why do garlic and onions cause bad breath?

How do you peel and mince garlic?
#HeatherEarles #herbnwisdom #naturalliving #garlic #garden #cloves

Allicin. When the insides of a garlic bulb are exposed to air, a substance called alliin turns into allicin, which then changes into several sulfur-containing compounds that give garlic its smell.

Allyl methyl sulfide. This compound is released from both garlic and onions when they are cut. Once eaten, the substance is absorbed into the bloodstream, and emitted through the lungs and skin pores.

Cysteine sulfoxide. This sulfuric compound in garlic and onions causes an unpleasant odor on the breath almost immediately after the vegetables are eaten.

Medical News Today

Well, now that we got that straight let’s move right into why you came to read this article in the first place.

How do you make minced garlic?

Step #1

How do you peel and mince garlic?
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You’ll need several heads of garlic and pure olive oil.

Step #2

How do you peel and mince garlic?
#HeatherEarles #herbnwisdom #naturalliving #garlic #garden #cloves
press the head of garlic down on the chopping board to loosen the cloves.

Separate your cloves by pressing the head of the garlic with the palm of your hand.

Step #3

How do you peel and mince garlic?
#HeatherEarles #herbnwisdom #naturalliving #garlic #garden #cloves

Place the wide part of a knife or other flat object on each clove and lightly crush, making it easier to peel and remove the paper type skin. Cut the ends. Do this to all of the cloves.

Step #4

How do you peel and mince garlic?
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Now add all of your peeled cloves into your blender. Turn on and blend until they are coarsely or finely minced.

Step #5

Using a spatula, place your cloves in a clean glass jar and pour your pure olive oil over the minced garlic until it is covered.

Step #6

Cover the jar and store it in your refrigerator up to two months.

Step #7

How do you peel and mince garlic?
#HeatherEarles #herbnwisdom #naturalliving #garlic #garden #cloves

Use your now, minced garlic in Italian dishes, salad dressings, as a rub over meat, and other recipes.

Note: Always keep the garlic covered with the oil. Keep refrigerated and use pure olive oil. If you don’t use pure olive oil, it will solidify when you place it in the fridge.

Well that’s it folks. Go out and find some garlic and help your heart and blood pressure. Also get those antioxidant, anti viral, anti fungal, and cancer preventer properties that garlic has to offer.

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