How to Cure an Earache using Garlic

a bulb of garlicIn this post, I will teach you how to Cure an earache naturally using Garlic Oil.

My youngest daughter gets earaches on a regular basis so I wanted something that would be natural and I could administer at home as a cure.  Not being a fan of drain tubes and medication, I started to do my research on different methods I could use.

Garlic has so many benefits and I have a guest writer who will tell you all about them in next weeks post.  Look for next Thursday.  Since the topic of garlic and it benefits will be covered next week, I will simply explain how garlic can be used to cure an earache today.Items and ingredients you need to cure and earache

Ingredients needed:

  1. Two cloves of garlic
  2. Two Tbls. Olive oil

Items needed:

  1. Small bowl
  2. Eyedropper
  3. Paper towels
  4. Heat pack or rice pack
  5. Small kitchen knife
  6. Chopping board
  7. Small kettle or microwave

Step One:

Chop your garlic cloves using your small kitchen knife and chopping board.chopping garlic

Step Two:

Place the chopped garlic in your small bowl and or your small kettle.chopped garlic in a bowl

Step Three:

Mix the olive oil in with your garlic and heat it in the microwave for about thirty seconds or on the stove top until you can see the oils have fused.  Remove from heat and let cool.infusing olive oil and garlic

Step Four:

While your garlic infused oil is cooling you can heat your rice/heat pack in the microwave.  Heat for about 1 minute 30 seconds.

Step Five:

Once your oil is cooled, have your child or whoever has an earache lay down on their side with the ear that’s aching facing up.  Place the oil in their ear (After testing it to make sure it’s cool enough so it won’t burn the person!!!!!) using your eye dropper.  You have enough oil when you can see it has filled the ear canal.garlic infused oil to cure an earache

Step Six:

Take a paper towel and fold it in half.  Now place over the child or adults ear, then place your heated rice pack gently on top of the towel.  The oil will now do its magic.using a rice pack on the ear to help with an earache

Step Seven:

I leave the oil in the ear for about 15 to 20 minutes.  After that, I take the rice pack off leaving the paper towel on.  Have the child or person turn on their other side or they can sit and tip their head.  This will drain the oil out and onto the towel instead of your pillows and or sheets.

Step Eight:

If your child and or person still complains they have an earache, just repeat steps 1-7 until the earache is gone.  I’ve never had to apply the oil more than 3 times.  Most earaches will be cured in 2 applications.How to cure an earache using a natural home remedy


There you have it.  How to cure an earache at home using a natural remedy.  For more tutorials and or benefits on natural remedies check out the posts on your right and or click Oil Pulling: For Whiter Teeth and a Healthy Body.

Until next time, stay healthy and treat your body right!

-Heather Earles 

Caution:  Be sure to check the oil and rice/heat pack temperature on the inside of your wrist or earlobe to make sure it does not burn the person you are helping!



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  1. Honey Lopez said:

    Heather, I just used the garlic oil for Breck. He finally stopped crying. Thank you.

    February 10, 2018

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