How do We Keep America and Our Country Great?

I write about health, which includes our body, mind, and soul. And, at present, the state of our country has everything to do with that. Allow me to explain.

Keep America Great
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I was thinking of our country and the changes that will be coming our way, and then I was thinking of Jesus and the changes he brought. So what do I mean by that, and how do the two tie in together?

Well, what we have now is a broken system and turning more ungodly every day due to the lack of respect and accountability. This lack of respect stems from bad parenting, teaching, and bad influences, to name a few.

What has that got to do with our country and changes? Well, it’s these beginning elements of respect that eventually make and shape people into who they are. These same people vote and make decisions not only for themselves but also for us if they are elected officials. Am I saying all elected officials should be perfect without past mistakes? No, not at all, but I am saying who you vote for effects every part of your life, and you should know what they stand for. Our country needs people who not only vote but who do their research and make educated decisions based on facts. Our county is at a tipping point, and you, as citizens have the freedom to voice which elected officials, you will support.

For those of you who think you’ve just tuned into the doom and glume network, hang tight because that’s not what this is. I am a journalist who still believes in reporting facts over emotions, old school I know, and encouraging people like you to do the same. The United States is a great nation. And, we, the people, have an obligation to fight for her just as our grandfathers, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters have for generations. This fight is no longer oversees but at our front door. We can not avoid it or wish it away. Are we better off than a lot of countries? Yes, but if we don’t pay attention, we will soon join them.

Keep A our Country Great

It is your responsibility as a citizen to hold our lawmakers accountable no matter if they are local or Federal. Why? Because if you don’t, who will? Do you think you can sit by, do nothing, and then pass the blame for why our country failed? Do you think you are too insignificant? Are you waiting for Jesus to come and fix everything? We can not afford to sit back and watch as people make decisions for us; we must have a voice and stand firm on our convictions.

I think about Jesus and the changes he created by standing firm on His convictions. Jesus brought hope and life to Jews and Gentiles (i.e., non-Jewish people); he brought love and justice. When I mention justice, I’m not talking about the justice we have in today’s systems but true and Godly justice—looking to every person’s heart. Jesus not only held accountable the officials at the time but every person on earth. He did not wait for somebody else to come along. He taught disciples, leaders, and judges to uphold and keep the laws of the land (if they did not go against God’s laws) without compromising on their beliefs. Did that mean some died? Yes, but they died for a purpose and a cause. They died for something they ultimately believed in.

What is it you believe in? What are you not willing to compromise on? These are questions you should ask yourself when not only voting but living your daily lives. What and who you support should line up with what you believe. There is no grey area here.

Because corruption has been going on for centuries, do we continue to allow it? No folks, we change, we enforce the laws of our founding fathers (The Constitution), and we keep our country great. The people of America have been sitting for far too long. We need to stop the corruption taking over America from within by bringing true justice and God back into our homes and lives.

Support our Country America

I am not talking about starting a revolutionary war, but I am talking about starting a revolution of God back in America. As a country, we have neutered our men, taken God out of our schools, given our rights to the Supreme Court, and killed millions of innocent babies. How long do you think this will go on without repercussions? By saying we stand strong as one nation under God, we are not only telling evil no but hell no.

Our country is going to change; that is a given. However, I still believe that if we truly want it to, it will continue to be for the better. Not only because of who is elected but because of who we are as individuals and ultimately a nation. A nation that believes we were all created free. Be who you are where you are at all times, and our country will change for the better. To live is Christ and to die is gain.

I’m not a preacher, but I am someone who cares about you, your families, and our country. I am saved from sin by a loving and just God and want to see our land of the free remain that way. Do you?

When you look at the state of our country, look first to yourselves. There is no one to blame but us for allowing what we have. Do some soul-searching and make sure when the time comes you are ready.

If you want something, you go out and get it, right? So want freedom, want liberty, and want justice. Remember, “You are one, but you are one.” Never forget that every person counts and that you can save our country, making it great, once again.


Your servant, fellow American, and sister in Christ…

Heather Earles
Heather Earles

Heather is married to a retired Special Forces Officer, and they live on a farm with their four children. She is an established author, a stay-at-home mother, and an advocate for healthy living. She publishes a weekly blog and podcast (Herb ‘N Wisdom™) and writes for a local newspaper to aid and inspire others.


  1. Brian Morgan said:

    I thought the article was very insightful. Normally “we” are all talk. Reminds m of a church I attend, the Pastor talks about service and helping the flock by giving them groups to connect with and giving them charitable works to do right in the church building. About a year ago, I had two Mormons knock on my door, they came to meet with me several times, took me to their church. The point is since I’ve lived here they are the only members of a church that reached out, and daily knock on doors and sought to find those needing help. Why don’t most churches do this? Actually seek the lost or those needing faith & hope and visit these strangers in person. Shows contribution and perhaps being God’s hand in this town. -B

    November 20, 2016
    • Brian, I too am beyond frustrated with the lack of discipleship within our churches. They care too much of what people think or having their tax credits removed than preaching and sharing God’s word. We lack leadership in our Country because we lack leadership in our homes and in our churches. It always starts with you, us as individuals. We need to go back to fearing and appreciating what we have been given and then have the courage to go out and share that with others. Christians in general get into a comfort zone. They attend church or their families and think that is where it stops. I believe that is where it begins. As believers we sometimes lose the aw of God and the result is we do not feel the need to knock on doors, share with family and friends or even stand up when things happen around us that are not right or just. We sit, we watch and in the mean time we lose our freedoms and rights. This is true about our country and our souls. That being said, we have a great God and should never lose hope. If you want change than go make it. Be that light that people see so they might question what you have. Encourage and believe you as an individual can make a great difference in your community!
      – Heather Earles

      November 21, 2016
      • Brian Morgan said:

        (Note: parts of this appear contradictory to my first post 🙂 )
        I appreciate your perspective and ideas. As a new Christian (1993) I was frustrated working with folks that didn’t have the joy or passion that I had to ‘serve” others. Yet I guess God works differently with all of us as individuals. Coming to Christ for me was very much of a random event. Perhaps random to me, not to God. Now that I’m older and have had many more life experiences, I guess I realize that God can ‘recruit’ a new believer where and when the time is right. Like He did with me. There wasn’t a Youth Group going out to save others, there wasn’t a Mom or Dad pushing me to be saved…it was one random person with the question “Are you a Christian?”. I really couldn’t answer that question. The person simply invited me to his church (Dr. Stanley’s First Baptist Church) and I started going. A about 1/2 a year later I was baptized.

        Based on how I was introduced to Christ…

        So, being older I guess I do understand or believe that God will build His church in (perhaps) more random and subtle ways than I personally would by ‘force”. But that is only my personal reality based on my past and present.

        Yet going out into the community and seeking new believers has to be important. Some people are hurting, some people no nothing about God, some need to be brought back, etc. Strangers will be blessed/grateful for a stranger to care about them and their life. Thanks for listening. – B

        November 21, 2016
        • Thanks for posting Brian, People need to hear stories just like yours. By taking the time to write you give hope to others. Keep your faith strong and know you have made a new friend in Christ. Wishing you a blessed and wonderful Day. -Heather Earles

          November 24, 2016

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