Fall and the Enchantment it Holds

Fall away

Fall is a beautiful expression and reminder that we need to shed the old and begin a new.

When I step outside there is dew on the grass, the air has taken on a little crispness and when I look towards the wavering trees their color has taken on a new hue.  I know that Fall is in the air and it gives me a sense of calm and quiet.  Our schedules don’t necessarily change, but for some reason it doesn’t seem so busy.  Perhaps it is the change that takes place outside that also takes place in us.  Knowing we can enjoy the smell of cloves, cinnamon, pumpkin pie in the oven and a fire burning in our hearth.

Just as a baby needs swaddled so our bodies crave to be covered in warm sweaters and scarves that we can nuzzle our chins into.  To hold that steaming cup of chai tea as our feet are curled up under us creates a sense of comfort that is hard to explain.  A good book lays open in our lap as our minds wander across oceans and fields in the pages that we read.  We have found that happy place that only Fall can sometimes bring.Cozy for Fall

There are wonderful traditions that can be started and new smells and food that can be made.  Our nights and slumber are more restful because of the cool air we now breath.  Oh the loveliness our eyes see as we stroll down lanes as the leaves fall from high above.  The children seem to be happier.  Laughing and playing as if catching the imagination of the season.  Hot apple cider awaits them when their giggles have calmed and they are content to come in.

If I could capture everything that Fall brings, it would be a rising of joy, spices, peace and thankfulness.

I want to enjoy this season, this Fall and take in all that it has to offer.  To be warm, happy, healthy and thoughtful of others.  I want to embrace the feeling of comfort, family and love.  And most important to live each day as though it were a gift and to share that gift with those I love.tea-time

So now that I have expressed what Fall means to me.  I will raise my hot mug of Chai Tea and make a toast to you and the beginning of Fall.

We’ve entered Fall so come one and all in praising our Savior and King;  For the colors that appear on the earth, so dear, and the joy that all these bring.

-Teresa C. Hawes


Yours Truly -Heather Earles                                                             Dancers in a Classroom

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