Making a Move

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Making a Move
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Yes, it’s been a while, but boy has it been busy around here. Other than my daughter’s 5-month medical trial, which I will write about in a later post, guess who decided to move?!

Moving, in my opinion, is one of the most cleansing things a person can do. All of that extra STUFF, which includes garbage, goodwill, giveaway, etc., finally no longer rules your life.

You may think me extreme for stating it like that, but honestly, it’s harder to go through things you’ve had in your house for a long time and look at them objectively. This brings me to our topic, which is Making a Move.

Making a Move does not necessarily mean moving to a new house, but it does mean Making a move on unnecessary STUFF in your house, garage, storage, and so on.

Accumulating things is a terrible habit if you don’t need them. All it does, in the long run, is cause stress and reduces your space. Neither is ideal. We have so many other things to worry about in life that your home should be your sanctuary, not your prison of clutter.

If you are not moving, and before you dive into cleansing your world, I would suggest taking a trip or visiting family. These two things always put a positive perspective on Making a Move in your own home.

Trips let your mind regain a sense of peace without the extra things surrounding you, which helps you realize what items in your home are worth keeping and which items you didn’t even think about or need.

Visiting family members and their space is always eye-opening for two reasons. Number one, you see how much crap they have, so you go home and clean out, hauling loads to the dump. Or number two, they have a beautiful functioning space where you can relax, and you want that in your own life. So, you go home, haul loads to the dump, and clean out your space. Am I getting my point across?! :). Both have their place, as does an actual move.

Speaking of Making a Move, one thing I was determined NOT to do during this move was to pack things I didn’t love or couldn’t function without. Every house is different, as is its space. Don’t ever feel like you need to cram everything you did in your last house in your new one. Make it new, fresh, and appealing not only to your senses but to companies.

Perspective is crucial when changing your current space or making a new one. Viewing it through the eyes of your potential company can be extremely helpful with the decluttering or decorating process. Why is that? Well, what happens when you are expecting company? You clean like you are high on caffeine without the fun.

So what if, instead of stressing, cleaning like a mad person and then shoving the vacuum in the closet seconds before family or company walks through the door, we already have a clean space?! I know that’s crazy talk. Who wants to be calm when people come? Lol.

Making a Move can be exciting if you let it. Have fun dreaming and looking up pictures on Pinterest or in a magazine. Sometimes that’s an easier way to let some things go too. I have tons of pictures saved on Pinterest, and you don’t know HOW excited I get when I use one of them because I’ve decluttered. It’s like eating pizza with your best friend. BEST THING EVER!

So don’t be afraid; take your space and Make a Move. I promise the only regret you’ll have is not doing it sooner.

Heather Earles
Heather Earles

Is the owner of H&E Literary Works LLC, writes for a local newspaper, and has written several books, including A Busy Morning On The Farm and an upcoming thriller/drama series called “Prisoner Within.” She is a Print Specialist for Pufferprint and writes a blog on healthy living to aid and inspire. She has a podcast called Herb ‘N Wisdom™ and enjoys country living, God, and her family. “I love helping people heal and feel better about life.”

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