Making and Canning Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup is full of vitamin C and is the perfect go-to supper when you are busy or out of time.

That’s why I’m planning on having some for dinner after I’ve finished this post;).

So without further ado, here are the directions to make and can tomatoes soup!

Prep items needed:

  1. Lids
  2. Rings
  3. Large pot to hold ingredients, a Medium pot to hold jars in the water bath, and a small pot to hold lids.
  4. Ladle
  5. Dishcloth
  6. Funnel
  7. Magnet (optional)
  8. Tall spoon to stir.
  9. Jar tongs
  10. Measuring cup
  11. Food mill or some kind of strainer

Food Items:

  1. 3 gallons of tomatoes (48 cups)
  2. 14 stems celery
  3. 2 whole Cloves
  4. 2 bay leaves (optional)
  5. 14 sprigs parsley
  6. 8 onions sliced

Ingredients to make roux:

  1. 1 1/2 cup sugar
  2. 1 tsp pepper
  3. 4 Tbls salt
  4. 1 1/4 cup flour
  5. 2 cups water


  • First, gather your tomatoes from the garden, wash them and take stems off if needed.  Next, quarter or leave tomatoes whole and put them into your tomato juicer.
tomato juicer
Quartering tomatoes to process for tomato soup
  • Remove the core and skin from the tomatoes using your juicer.  Keep scraps for chickens and other animals or throw them into the trash.
Juicing Tomatoes
  • When all of your tomatoes have been processed, start measuring the number of cups you need and put them into a bowl or directly into your big pot on the stove.
  • Now add the first six ingredients to the pot also.  Heat on medium-high or high until soft, about an hour. 
making tomato soup
  • Once the veggies are soft, put the mixture through a food mill or strainer.  Return the strained mixture to the pot and bring it to a boil.  I save the veggies that have been strained as it makes a wonderful base for a soup.  Add tomato sauce or some type of broth, hamburger or other types of meat, or cabbage, and you have another wonderful, hearty meal.
  • Now, mix flour, sugar, salt, and pepper with 2 cups water to make a roux.
making a thickner for tomato soup
  • Add the roux to the tomato mixture and return it to a boil, stirring occasionally.

Canning your tomatoes soup

  • It’s now time to can.  While the soup has been heating, you should also have your lids, jars in hot water, dishcloth ready, and all the utensils you will need to lay out.  Be sure to turn your oven to its lowest setting.  I then place a flat cooking sheet inside to set the jars on.  This is optional, of course, but the filled jars slide nicely into the oven this way.
  • Next, take a jar from the hot water and replace it with a cold one using your canning tongs.  Place your funnel in the hot jar and fill it with hot tomato soup from your pot until it’s a 1/2 inch from the top.
ladling soup into hot jars
  • Wipe off the top of the jar with your washcloth to remove any spilled soup or residue.
wiping off rim of jar
  • Grab a lid from the water on the stove with your magnet and place it onto the jar.
placing lid onto filled jar
  • Now while holding the center of the lid, put a ring on and tighten it.  You don’t need to crank it on. Hand-tight is good.
placing ring on jar
  • When you have a jar ready, place it into the warm oven and repeat the process until all of your tomato soup is in the jars.
keeping jars warm in oven
  • Once they are all filled, move them from your stove into your dishwasher.  Use your normal cycle, heated dry, and then press start.  Once the cycle is finished, remove them from the dishwasher and set them on a counter, laying a hand towel over the top.  Leave them there for 24 hours. After that, store in a cool, dry place until you are ready to use.
jars in dishwasher ready to can

Well, that’s it.  You did it!  Now you can serve your family or friends a simple but satisfying meal.  Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

For other canning tutorials, go to: How to Can Strawberry Jam using a Dishwasher

Heather Earles
Heather Earles

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