The Story of My First Manuscript-Book Part 2

Hello to everyone.  This is part 2 of My First Manuscript-Book.  Or simply the second part of my story.Heather Earles

The editorial process, which takes five to six weeks is now complete.  I received two copies of the manuscript via e-mail with the final assessment.  The first copy shows all the suggested changes.  This could be grammar, places where a reader is confused about what character is speaking or suggestions such as; you shouldn’t go into two different characters thoughts in the same paragraph.  In this copy you would also have to agree and click on each change.

The second copy is considered a clean copy.  In this one the changes have already been inserted and now only the suggestions or comments as they call them remain.  This copy however still allows you to add content to correct a comment as you see fit or you can leave it as it is.

Looking at the first copy I could see where and what all the changes were.  After accessing them and agreeing with all changes I then downloaded the second copy and corrected the comments as I saw fit.  This was nice in my case not having to correct every individual one as you would have to do in the first copy.  With this completed I then sent the final manuscript back to the editorial department.

Since then I have received an e-mail saying they have everything they need and are sending it off to production:)!  At this point they will now start on the book cover seeing how the interior is complete.  This picture is a sneak peek of what will be on the cover. manuscript-book cover of To Know Her Calling

As you can imagine I am more than excited to be at this point of the process and am starting to imagine holding my first book.  I am also encouraged to keep writing and will be adding to my book collection over the years.

The third and final part of my story will be to tell you the rest of the process along with a release date of  “To Know Her Calling.”

I look forward to sharing the rest of my story.  I hope you stay tuned in for part 3 and the finale.  If you missed the first part here is the link The Story of my first Manuscript-Book

Heather Earles

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