The Story of my first Manuscript-Book Finale

Manuscript-Book "To Know Her Calling"The journey and finale regarding my first Manuscript-Book, “To Know Her Calling”.

Shall we pick up where we left off?  In  The Story of My First Manuscript-Book Part 2 I gave you a sneak peek of the book cover.  Since that post I have received an e-mail with proofs of the entire cover.  Here you finally get to see it.  I am so pleased with the results! The cover showcases everything I wanted it to.

  1. The cover ties into the content
  2. It’s attractive to the eye
  3. It makes you contemplate what Louise(the main female character) is thinking.

I can not thank Westbow enough for the way they captured my thoughts to make the cover exactly how I imagined!

In case you missed the beginning, here is the link: Part one of my story

After looking at the cover, I approved it, then signed a form online.  At this same time I was also sent a proof of the books interior.  In this I found a couple of mistakes.  A form had already been attached to the e-mail, where in you write page number, which paragraph, current text and changed text.  I filled that form out and have since sent it back.  After receiving conformation and a second look, I signed another form completing the interior process.

Next step.  I received yet another e-mail asking to send a list of key words.  They could be anywhere from one to three; Christian Fiction, Knowing your calling and or Life are a few examples.  You get to choose up to 7.  This is for search engines to pick up and or if someone is visiting a site where the book is for sale and that person is using key words in the search box to search out a topic.

E-book time.  I approved the text I wanted to use for that and also the price for all different forms of the book.  (They set the cost and although I do have input, decided to use their suggested price since they know what their doing and I don’t.)

My next e-mail from them was a Congratulations your book is heading to the printer!!!!  Once the printer accepts the files you have approved, your book will be live and available for purchase. At that time, a copy of each physical format of your book will be ordered and shipped to you approximately 2–3 weeks from today. This copy is provided to review the print quality to make sure everything is printing correctly—pages are straight, ink is not smeared, etc. These issues are very rare, but we want to give you a chance to see one finished copy before you place a book order, just in case.

When you receive that note, your dream/calling, hard work and time start to become a reality.  It’s like working for the purple ribbon at the fair and the judge hands it to you.  Although it’s a typed note in an e-mail it gives you goose bumps and a smile that stays on as you think about actually holding that physical book in your hands.  The joy goes beyond oneself.  I think about everyone that has helped me through this process and it is their accomplishment also, not just mine.  Left alone I probably would have received hate mail because I totally butchered the art of English and Grammar:)!  Amen to Family and Friends. God is good!

So in this last part of my story I want to thank those people in my life that helped with “To Know Her Calling.”  This was not just about a book to me, but about stepping out in faith, applying hard work and achieving anything you put your mind to.  It’s about believing in something bigger than oneself. To work with people in your life that have gifts in different areas.  It’s about showing the world that a little gumption can change who you are.  Most important of all, it’s about knowing that with God all things are possible.

Finale of book
Tina and I sometimes working until 1:00am editing. Say Cheese:)
Jeff Smith, my Awesome SEO!
Manuscript finale
My Sister in-law, Misty. She took the headache of the first and second draft and turned it into something readable!!

As I said at the top, this is the finale of this story, but in no means the finale of things yet to come.  I have another book almost finished and others started, so you will see more of Author Heather Earles. (sorry, felt good to finally write that:)  I am looking forward to writing again in my comfy chair and am encouraged now that I know the process of how everything works and flows.

If you are reading this I hope you’ve been encouraged yourself to follow your dream.  You are never alone.  People want to hear your story or be apart of your life’s passion.

Now on that note, go sit in your favorite spot with a smoothie or choice beverage and enjoy a good read.

With Warm Regards – Heather Earles♥

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