Metal Detox

Detoxifying metals from your body
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Why should you care if you have metals in your body?

Well, “overexposure can lead to heavy metal poisoning, such as what occurs in Wilson’s disease. This can be fatal.” 

Also, metals stored in our body CAN cause a missed diagnosis by Doctors. Foggy brain and or memory loss, excess body weight even when the patient is exercising and eating right, fatigue, high blood pressure, and in some cases, thyroid dysfunction. 

A missed diagnosis can be very harmful because metals attacking your liver and or kidneys can turn into metal poisoning, as stated above. Therefore detoxifying is crucial.

How Do I Know If I Need to Detox?

Symptoms can vary depending on the type of metal your exposed to. Some symptoms may include:

  • headaches
  • abdominal pain and cramping
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • fatigue
  • difficulty breathing

In more severe cases of chronic heavy metal poisoning, you may experience symptoms, including:

  • burning and tingling sensations
  • chronic infections
  • brain fog
  • visual disturbances
  • insomnia
  • paralysis

How Can you Determine the Levels of Metals in Your Body?

Your doctor can test your urine, blood, and hair follicles to determine and measure the amount and toxicity of metals in your body.

How are the Metals Absorbed?

There are multiple ways in which metals can enter your body. The first is through the skin. Our skin absorbs things like dirt from gardening, dust blowing in the air, makeup, to include lipstick etc. The second is when you directly ingest them. 

Although you might think ingesting metals like mercury, nickel, cadmium, lead, and aluminum are harsher and more dangerous, that’s not exactly true. Our skin absorbs elements quickly, and, for this reason, your body feels and produces the side effects at a faster rate unless we’re talking about ingesting extreme amounts.

Can Metals Naturally Leave Your Body?

Metals don’t naturally leave the body unless you are, in fact, continually and intentionally eating foods and drinking certain liquids to detox. 

As metals cling to fat, you can understand why it’s easy for them to hang around. 

Because of this, people who have high fat and low carb diets are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting rid of metals. Also, people who work in industrial environments, receive shots with fillers like aluminum, and are exposed to any form of metals are also at a disadvantage.

Detoxing is a lifestyle and not a one-time event. Even if you change jobs and or move (which I would recommend depending on the levels you are exposed to), you should still consider adding a metal detox as part of your life. 

Since some ways of detoxing are merely adding fiber from foods and drinking different broths or drinks, you can continuously detox. This will increase your chances of having your body function at peak levels consistently.

Why wait until you feel the symptoms when you can be proactive?

Who Should Do a Metal Detox?

Everyone is the short answer. If you as the adult are exposed, then your children are. Since they are smaller and have weaker constitutions, then you might see symptoms in them first.

How To Do a Metal Detox Using Food?

Detox Foods To Include in Your Daily Diet

Detoxifying metals from your body
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Using high fiber foods and foods the metals will cling to is a great way for your body to naturally dispose of the toxins; they will pass through your urinary tract or bowel system.

What Are Some Foods That Should be Avoided?

“An effective heavy metal detox includes more than incorporating healthy fruits and vegetables. To minimize the effects of heavy metal poisoning or prevent it altogether, you need to eliminate some foods from your diet.

This is especially true for processed foods and excess fats. These foods have minimal nutritional value and slow down the detox process. This is because fats tend to soak up the harmful substances you want to remove.

Some foods to limit or avoid in your heavy metal detox diet include:

  • some fish, such as larger and long-living fish, as they tend to contain more mercury
  • alcohol
  • nonorganic foods
  • processed foods
  • fatty foods”


Are There Other Ways to Do a Metal Detox?

A Natural Metal Detox for your body
#metaldetox #herbnwisdom #naturalliving #heatherearles #author #podcaster #healthblogger

Besides food and drink, you can take detox powders, but I would do your research to make sure the mixture is organic and does as advertised. One I have used is called Alpha Metal Detox. The natural ingredients come from the United States. It’s also packaged in the US and is a veteran-owned company. I rate this company as a five star and would recommend their products to anyone.

You can also use medications, but I would highly recommend a more natural approach first. Anytime you take medication you alter something in your body. Sometimes they are necessary and can save your life, and sometimes they cause different problems and or symptoms. Each case and person are unique and different and should be treated so. 

Ending Notes About Detoxifying Metals From Your Body

As detoxing takes time, do not expect immediate results. It’s also a good idea to keep a food journal so you can track your progress and see what foods, drinks, or powders work for you.

There’s not a lot else I can tell except run through the list, do some more research, and start your metal detox today.

-Heather Earles

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