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natural and organic livingWhat is Natural or Organic Living?

The dictionary describes these meanings as:

Natural: Existing in or derived from nature.

Organic: 1. relating to or derived from living matter.

2. (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

Living: the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type.

“the benefits of country living”

synonyms: Way of life, lifestyle, manner of living, way of living, mode of living, life.

Combined the three words give us the foundation to accurately talk about natural and organic living.

Not long ago the word organic held the same meaning as natural living. It wasn’t a hype word or one that put an extra price tag on an item. It was just a way of life.

butterPeople wanted items or food where they knew what was in them. This led to growing your own produce, making your food such as butter and cheeses from scratch, to sewing your own clothes and making your soaps, sunscreens and so on.

Some of this came from the financial burden the depression or lack of resources caused, but mostly living natural and organic was done because it was and is the best way in which a family can live and did for generations.

I grew up this way as did many reading this article. My husband and I also choose now to raise our kids the same way. Why?

These are my top five reasons for Natural and Organic Living and ones I’m not willing to give up for the sake of convenience.

natural and organic livingConvenient and natural or organic living do not fit in the same sentence. At least when we’re talking about quality.

If you’re referring to the convenience of having food in your garden instead of going to the store or grabbing a tincture instead of heading to the doctor, then yes, it is convenient that way. Remember though it took a lot of work to get your garden to produce and time to make the tinctures.

People now, often trade convenience for quality and health.

Something worth having takes hard work the same as something that’s quality takes time. Organic and Natural take both time and hard work. Skills that are essential and somewhat forgotten or not used.

Quality versus Convenience

  • Q. Homegrown food and meals.
  • C. Buying everything from the store and popping in a microwave dinner.
  • Q. Homemade tinctures that take 2-4 weeks.
  • C. Buying over the counter medicine or going to the doctor and getting a prescription.
  • Q. Canning and preserving your own food.
  • C. Filling your cart at the grocery store in a matter of minutes.
  • Q. Sewing
  • C. Purchasing linens or clothes at a store.

Do you see the difference?

scaleI understand everyone’s situation and lifestyles are different. Some could care less about living a natural and organic life while others are either living it or trying to start.

Where ever you’re at on this scale I’m not criticizing you. This article is merely to point out the benefits of natural and organic living. Maybe it will even help some of you understand why that’s important to people like me.

In a world of cancer and autoimmune diseases, I feel it’s, now more than ever, important to live a healthy and natural/organic life.

Why? Because a lot of diseases can be prevented with natural herbals and healthy living.

How? Eating healthy, being consistent, and giving up convenient for the sake of quality.

In the end, it all comes down to you as an individual and what you choose to put into your body and or how you choose to treat your body in terms of being active.

Life is one big choice in which we all try to choose the best. This is my version of that, but as I said it’s not for everyone. You make your own choices based on your life and your families. I’m only giving you another option or choice to consider.

-Heather Earles



  1. Lady Locust said:

    Uh, hem. May I just say . . . . kindred spirit. Your words are beautiful and true. I’m not even sure where you are. I just found your blog. How I’ve not found it sooner, who knows. I’m off to browse.

    May 24, 2018
    • Why thank you! Just trying to teach the teachable and help people live a healthy life.

      May 25, 2018

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