Technology, Is it Good or Bad?

technology, good or bad?There’s always good and bad with technology.  On one hand, you get faster access and save time in certain areas and on the other hand we lose skills that the computer and other electronics have taken over.  Like how to socialize and take one on one time with our families, (cell phones, video games, movies and computers not included).

By spending more time on devices our health can also be affected by things such as more screen time which causes bad eyesight, and headaches because of broadband radiation and Wi-Fi signals that are constantly around us.

screen time for adults and kidsSo, I pose the question, is this Good or Bad?  No matter what we’re talking about, moderation is the key.  Whether food, technology, exercise or work.  Moderation needs to be used.

Okay, so what’s moderation? The dictionary describes moderation as “The avoidance of excess or extremes.”  I laughed when I read this because when do we exercise avoidance of excess and extremes?  Whether it’s technology or something else we seem to push the limits.

It’s true by pushing the limits we get a lot accomplished and achieve amazing things.  It’s also true that we get overwhelmed, stressed, depressed and suffer from anxiety among other things.  So, which one is better?  Achieve or be more relaxed?

We as humans have been doing our jobs for centuries, with new or old technology, we have gotten it done.  But how is the question? Is it from pulling all-nighters, or pacing yourself? With deadlines needing to be met, people stress, never turn off their phone or computers and that just isn’t healthy. Yes, an occasional late night to catch up, but if you’re doing it every single day then that’s not using moderation. 

When looking a little further back in history we can learn a lesson from the people.  They were hard workers, didn’t have electronics but still achieved amazing things, such as building the great pyramids, castles, and sailed large fleets across the ocean. In no way were any of these little tasks.

over worked and tiredTrust me, I know you have to work hard to achieve your goals, but I’ve also realized you have to pace yourself or eventually you get burnt out or something with your health goes wrong no matter how invincible you think you are.

I listen to motivational videos and speakers, read books and agree that hard work is one of the keys to reaching your goals whether they’re personal or business orientated.  That being said you still have to sleep or your health will suffer in the long run.  This doesn’t mean you work less, it just means you work more efficiently in some cases.

Being more organized helps Weekly time Management Schedule.  A person can see their goals and then make strategies or map out a plan to reach them.  Part of goal making should include sleep or quiet time to recharge your brain.

You have to admit once you’ve been staring at a screen for a while your brain becomes a fog and you make mistakes that could be avoided.  Technology like anything else does not force itself on you.  You are the one still in control and make the decision to take breaks, turn off phones and computers and quiet an overly tired brain.

take a breakWorkplaces offer 15-minute breaks if you’re there for a certain amount of time during the day and then lunch breaks.  This is great, but what do you do on your break time?  If you don’t skip it then I bet you check your personal social media or messages in between.  This then isn’t an actual break for your mind.  Try relaxing during this time without any kind of technology occupying your brain.  Relax and use this time to breathe, recharge and reset your mind.

When you return you will function at a higher rate and therefore get more done.  If you apply this to your personal goals also it will have the same effect.  Technology isn’t bad in itself, but your time spent and how you use it can be.

Common sense goes a long way in most areas of life.  Even though we know something, we still have to apply it.  Reminders are a good way to keep you grounded especially where technology is concerned, so create some reminders.  Look at this post as your reminder if you want.  Schedule breaks in your calendar that say, “take a break”, anything that will help you pace yourself and give your brain a chance to recharge.

So, to answer the question is, “Technology, good or bad?”  The answer is all in how you use it and take time from it.  In this case, it can be both.  Just use moderation and you should be fine.

technology and kidsNow if we’re talking children then I have a whole different view.  It’s been scientifically proven that children under the age of two should not look or play with any kind of screens.  It affects their frontal lobes and keeps them from developing properly.

The US Department of Health released recommendations which advise that children under two years of age shouldn’t be in front of a screen at all and passed that age, the maximum leisure screen time should not be more than two hours a day.

We know that a child’s brain develops rapidly during these first years of life, and young children learn best by interacting with people, not screens. Children ages 2-5 years should have no more than an hour a day.  To help children make wise media choices, parents should monitor their “media diet” and make use of established rating systems for shows, films and games to avoid inappropriate content, such as violence, explicit sexual content or glorified tobacco and alcohol use.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents establish “screen-free” zones at home by making sure there are no televisions, computers or video games in children’s bedrooms, and by turning off the TV during dinner.

Children should be playing with physical objects that they can touch, maneuver and feel to learn.  Tablets and phones too often are used to keep children occupied.  I disagree with using screens as a babysitter and sadly that’s what a lot of parents are doing.  It might be easier, but it’s definitely not healthy for your children.

positives and negatives when talking about technologyAgain, technology can be both positive and negative depending on how it’s used, who is using it and at what age. With all that in mind, you can now make your own decision and one that best fits you as an individual and or your family. 


-Heather Earles

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