What’s Your Story?

everyone has a story to tell Everyone has a story.  I think of my grandparents who’ve shared what it was like in the great depression and World War II.  In both instances, families were being separated either by death or because Father’s walked away.  They’ve also shared what it was like when they still used horse-drawn wagons to cut ice from the slew and then hauled it to an ice house, packing sawdust around it tightly so it didn’t melt.  Or walking miles to the outdoor theater to see the latest film, traveling by train with a dance company across the country, or with Bob Hope on his USO tours as his head carpenter.  These stories are priceless because they’re apart of our history.  Honestly, I could write a book on the lives of EACH ONE of my grandparents.

be kind for everyone has a storyI walk down the street and look at people as I pass.  Everyone has a story, but not everyone has a voice.  Besides family or friends that MIGHT listen, their stories stay hidden.  These incredible lives have no-one with whom to share the stories of their lives.  Think of yourself and what it would be like not having anyone to talk to or listen to you.  Why do you think bartender’s day after day hear stories from across the bar? Or what about a perfect stranger who you happened to ask, “How Are You?” and you get their entire life story.

I believe one of the reasons is they’ve never had someone who was willing to listen to them or their story.  If they had they might have received help or encouragement through the tough times or wouldn’t be so ready to spill their whole life to complete strangers.  The fact is, people need others to listen to them and their stories.

What would it be like to share your story?  Is there something you’ve wanted to tell the world?  It could be your life’s story, a hardship, a miracle, advice or a fond memory.  I’m guessing that there’s something.  One thing about humans is we need to communicate with others.

Living a healthy life involves listening to others.  It’s healthy in the aspect that it gives someone else a chance to speak.  You learn all kinds of things; new things, things to avoid.  Maybe you find out your family’s history like I do every time I speak with my Grandparents.  Perhaps it gives you an inside view of why someone is the way they are.

People are not robots.  Each one of us has our own struggles, life, disappointments, regrets, miracles, family and therefore our very own story.  Knowledge comes out of learning and listening to what others have to say. This is something I think we can all work on.

everyone has a story to tellBy sharing your story, you can help others who might be going through the same situations or it might just be something that warms their heart.  Regardless, real life and true stories are important and that’s why I’m going to give you a chance to share yours and let your voice be heard.

For the next two weeks, I want to give you a voice.  Share with me and others your story.  If you want to write but don’t want your name put out there for everyone to see I will completely honor that.  Just make sure you specify that when you send me your story through email.  The email address you can send it to is heather@heatherearles.com.  If you don’t have a computer, write your story on a paper and ask a friend to send it for you.  Old or Young, I want to hear from you.  What was your life-like?  Is there a person that changed your life?  Did you suffer a loss?  Anything and all, this is your chance and opportunity to tell others about you and your life.

You may ask, “Why would you want to hear from me?” or “My story isn’t that great.” I’ve talked about knowing your calling in a recent post.  If you don’t remember here is the link Knowing what your Gift is and then Using it.  My calling is to write and share what’s in my heart and the hearts of others for the soul purpose of encouraging and giving hope to others.  That’s my reason for doing this.  Your story matters to me and others too.  It can change lives just by being shared.

The date today is September 28, 2017.  Starting today and for two weeks I will be excepting stories to publish.  Does that mean if you run across this post after that time you no longer can share?  No, you can email me your story at any time to the address above.  The two weeks will be to collect and then share the stories I’ve received within that time.  Don’t worry, if I get a good response from people then I will be setting up another date to have your stories published.

telling your storyThis is the beginning of what I hope to be a way for people to reach out.  I’m willing to listen if you’re willing to share.  Again, if you don’t want your name posted that needs to be put at the beginning of your email so I know right away.  Also, your email will not be given out regardless.  I don’t believe in sharing that personal information.

I’m excited to hear from you and hope you will take a leap of faith in sharing.  If you simply want prayer, then I am more than happy to add you to my prayer list.  Whatever you choose, let it come from the heart.

-Heather Earles

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