Valentine’s Day Advice and Gift Ideas

Red butterflyThere are all kinds of pain and suffering in this world. Stresses and worries that face us every day called life.  I bring this up on Valentine’s Day because today is a way to help comfort some of those pains in other people’s lives.

There are so many hurting hearts out there that it’s difficult to see the good ahead. I was thinking about Valentine’s Day coming up and what that means for some people. We see it as a lover’s holiday, but it is so much more. It’s a day to celebrate the good in life and those that bring meaning to us personally. It could be a spouse or someone you’re dating, or it could be family. Everybody has someone, so who is it that brings joy and happiness to you?

Even though Valentine’s Day has become commercialized in so many ways I believe it still comes down to the intent of each individual and why they are celebrating it. Are you buying chocolates because you can’t think of anything else?  Or, is because that person will enjoy them and let them know you’ve paid attention enough to know? No matter what gift you are giving this year, I want to challenge you to take a moment and think about it.

locketFor example, if your mom is the person you are buying for then think outside the box of chocolates and perhaps get a locket that has her family’s picture inside. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you want it to be something that the person will cherish and remember. By doing something out of the ordinary it tells someone they were worth an extra thought.

If you know someone whose heart was broken and will be spending Valentine’s day in bed. Why not, as a friend, have flowers delivered to their place with a special note saying something nice? You could even order their favorite to-go food and stop by with it and a movie.

Here are a few more ideas that might help make this Valentine’s Day extra special for the ones you care about.  A lot of these are from personal experience.

  1. A locket for your mother or wife.
  2. Flower’s to a brother who is having a rough time.
  3. Sign up for dancing lessons or something your partner has been suggesting for a long time.
  4. Handmade cards are always great to give to your kids, parents or a spouse.
  5. Surprise someone by taking a whole day to visit with them.  This is great for grandparents, or a loved one in the hospital or nursing home.
  6. Movie and a meal.
  7. A spa package
  8. Don’t underestimate the power of a phone call.
  9. Pick something out of the ordinary.  Something that person wouldn’t expect from you at all.  This one you’ll have to come up with on your own;).
  10. A subscription to that person’s favorite magazine.

Valentine's Day gift ideasThese ideas aren’t rocket science, but I’m hoping one of them will work for you or will trigger an idea of your own.

Overall Love is the greatest of gifts and I’m personally thankful to have a wonderful day such as Valentine’s just for it. Yes, we should show the people in our lives every day that we love them, so I’m not suggesting holding it all in for Valentine’s Day. It is, however, okay to make this day extra special.  Just like you would a birthday or anniversary that come once a year, put a little extra effort into it.

Don’t think if you celebrate Valentine’s Day you’re like everyone else.  Your love will always be unique and a one of a kind for the people in your life.

Some might say they hate the holiday. Deep down though they are going to smile when someone shows up with their favorite food or a word of love. Even the Grinch felt the power of love from a little girl. There isn’t one person on this planet that isn’t affected by love in some way. It’s powerful and a gift we all possess and can share with those around us.

Valentine's Day red roseSo, this Valentine’s Day, don’t rush out and get something just to get something. Take a moment to think of something that your Valentine will remember. If it’s a kind word, then a card where you write it is perfect. Love doesn’t come with a price tag it comes from the heart. Happy Valentine’s Day

-Heather Earles

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