Who Are You?

Who are you?
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Heather Earles

Who are you is the first question I’m going to ask you today.

I could talk a lot about motivation and tools to help you grow and succeed, but they are only tools. Without the foundation or structure, tools are useless.

Now, when I ask, “who are you?” I’m not talking about identifying your job or position like a mother, health instructor, carpenter, waitress, or businessman. I’m talking about what’s your makeup, your insides. Are you kindness, health, love, passionate, Christ-driven, stubborn, always right? Who are you?

Knowing and identifying who you are internally is the first and most important step to becoming what you are externally or what your title or position is. Motivation and Success come from the power within, not the other way around which is why you should always ask yourself this question first.

Some people know exactly who they are and others really have to sit and think about it. Not because it’s a hard question, but because they’ve simply never asked themselves the question before.

When someone asks me who I am and why I hold the position I do, I know exactly how to answer them because I felt and feel that it’s important to know myself.

If you’ve ever watch Divergent, then you remember a point where the people went to a ceremony and had to decide who they were and where they belong. Yes, they were told where the test suggested they go, but in the end, it was still their choice as to which group they identified themselves with.

You have to choose to love who you are.
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Only you can decide

Although this is a movie it is true in real life. People can tell us what they think about us, even suggest what we do for a living based on who they think we are, but in the end, it’s our choice and has been since the beginning of time.

This is who I am:

I am understanding, hardworking, truthful, passionate, a Christ follower, leader, patient, driven, and a lover of people.

Out of this list, did you notice one particular thing? I like myself. Yes, I enjoy being me. I’m not looking to be or portray someone else, I just want to simply be myself.

There is nothing wrong with liking who you are and being yourself. No one, including me, will ever be perfect, but as long as we are trying to improve what’s on the inside then we don’t have to hold our head in shame.

Do not mistake this for, it’s okay to eat our emotions away, or cut someone down, or throttle our kids. No, that’s an action or aggression that should be addressed because of an underlying issue.

It’s not okay to treat your body like crap or be hateful to someone else because you think it makes you feel better. Actions have consequences which is why it’s so very important to know who you are first.

The Second thing, what you identify as your position, comes next. Once you know exactly who you are you will start to realize, who you want to be.

I am and want to be a mother, friend, wife, author, writer, motivator, healer, health advocate, teacher, and dancer. Notice, you don’t have to identify or be one thing. We are who we want to be depending on what we are inside.

Start loving yourself so God can use you or you can make a big impact in the world. You need to start loving yourself so your kids respect you and your husband or wife can’t wait to come home to you. You need to start loving yourself so you can enjoy every part of this life we have.

Let people’s opinions of you and your heartaches be washed away by the fresh perspective you now have. Baggage has to be carried, but love covers without being a burden.

Who are you?
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Love who you are.

Loving yourself and knowing who you are doesn’t make you a snob or out of line. In truth, if more people saw or liked more about themselves, our world wouldn’t have so many suicides, divorces, mid-life crises or regrets. We would be happy, content and more able to help others.

Am I crazy, maybe, but I would rather be crazy about myself and love every part of my life than to be normal and live each day without excitement or the feeling of hope. I want to help others and I can’t do that if I tare myself apart or live with past regrets.

As I said everyone has a choice, and I hope yours will be to live and love who you are!

Heather Earles

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