Inspiration will Come

Inspiration comes to those who are looking, working and wanting to find it.

inspirationIt doesn’t appear out of thin air when you’re not looking like some people believe, hope or think.  Your mind already has to be in tuned to wanting to find it.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I believe people do have those big inspirational moments.  I am only suggesting you have to start wanting, working and then wait for them to come.  When you do, it feels like a piece that was missing is complete and filled.  Your mind then starts to look for the next piece.  If you keep searching you will keep being filled with that inspiration/drive that keeps you moving forward to your goals  producing greatness in your life.  If you stop looking however, you will sadly miss out on what could have been the possibilities that you never let come true because you gave up.look

Sometimes when people look to hard for something they never seem to find it.  Do you ever wonder why that is? It’s because they are missing the small things seemingly insignificant that will get them to the place they are looking for.  You can’t have a baby and expect it to learn everything on its own without being taught.  No, you have a baby then you start teaching he or she the small things and keep teaching them untill one day they grow to be beautiful functioning adults.  If this is the case, how is it that we think we can stop as adults and just quit learning and expect everything will just come to us in one big inspiration or moment without the little steps of learning in between?  It doesn’t.  Those inspirations and moments were bound to come if you applied yourself by Wanting(desire), Working(action) and Waiting(patience) for them to appear.  I call these the three W’s of inspiration.  “If you are trying to get something out of nothing you will get nothing, but if you try to get something out of learning you will learn.”  Those big moments will happen in your life and you will keep filling up and filling up, growing and growing, achieving and achieving having big inspirations along the way.inspiration

It is time for you to stop blaming your life on someone else, because the only person you are hurting is yourself.  If you want to grow and have inspiration that fill you up then do it, using the three W’s above.  No one person can stop a train when it’s moving at top speed.  The same can be said for a person who has a desire and is inspiring to better themselves.  No matter your position in life you can do anything you put your mind to!  Your drive will determine who you will become and how others will see you. “Your past only has the power to hold you back if you let it.”

When you start on this road you will find yourself making new friends, the kind of friends that see what you are doing, how you are growing and want to be a part of it.  Those are the kind of friends that will keep you on the train tracks and not let others derail you.  Hold on to these friends, the ones helping and encouraging you to build your dreams, the ones that understand you don’t get something for nothing and if you do best put it back on the shelf because it’s not the kind of something you are looking for.  You are looking for permanent changes the ones that will lead you through life, the changes you made so you could have inspirations and those big moments we talked about in the beginning, the ones you can and will see coming . biblehub.

“The inspiration that comes to those who work hard are worth listening to.”

-Heather Earles

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