Magic Sock Treatment for Flu, Colds, and Inflammation

magic sock treatment
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If you are new to the world of naturopathic medicine, then welcome. 

This article about magic sock treatment is one of many simple yet very effective therapies to combat specific conditions.

These conditions and overall effects include but are not limited to:

  • Stimulating and improving your immune system which aids in cold and flu symptoms such as nasal congestion and cough.
  • Upper respiratory infections, and bronchitis.
  • Sore throat or any inflammation or infections of the throat.
  • Headaches or migraines.
  • Sinus infection.
  • Ear infections.
  • It will also increase circulation helping with inflammation and swelling.
  • Tonifies tissues. “Tonification is a therapeutic treatment that nourishes and replenishes the qi, bloodyin, and yang of the human body when they are deficient or weak. It is applicable to one or several of the organs, or one of the qi, blood, yin and yang, or the weakness of all of them as a whole. This is a method, unique to TCM, to sustain and restore the harmony of the body. Although Chinese medicine has a rich philosophical and theoretical background, it has also spawned many practical treatments that can relieve human suffering from a minor irritation to a potentially life-threatening situation.” –
  • People may also use this method as a sedative effect which helps treat anxiety and sleep problems.

The magic sock treatment is best if repeated for three nights in a row unless otherwise indicated by your physician.

Sock Treatment


  1. One pair of white cotton socks. Preferably 100% but no less than 60% cotton.
  2. One pair of wool socks. Preferably 100% but no less than 60% wool (or two additional pairs of cotton socks.)
  3. Towel
  4. One bowl of ice water.
  5. A warm bath or a warm foot bath.
  6. Extra pajamas if you are soaked with sweat.


  • Epsom salts or essential oils for a warm foot bath.
  • Essential oils applied to the bottom of the feet before wet socks are put on.


sock treatment to help with cold and flu
#heatherearles #herbnwisdom #naturalliving #naturalpathic #respiratory #podcaster #healthblogger #author
  1. “Take a hot bath for 5-10 minutes (full body or foot bath). This is very important for the effectiveness of the treatment. In fact, it could be harmful if your feet are not warmed first.
  2. Soak the pair of thin cotton socks in the bowl of ice water. Wring the socks out thoroughly so they do not drip.
  3. Dry off feet and body thoroughly with a dry towel. Optional: apply essential oils to the bottom of the feet.
  4. Place ice-cold wet cotton socks on your feet and cover with thick wool socks. Put on the first set of pajamas. Go directly to bed. Place the second set of pajamas next to the bed. Avoid getting chilled (drinking hot ginger or yarrow tea can help warm you up. However, this is optional). If feet are cold after 1-2 minutes of application, get up and warm feet and reapply cold socks (you may need to re-dunk them in ice water and wring them out again if they’ve lost their chill).
  5. Go directly to bed for the night, wearing the socks. During the night, you may wake up with your whole body wet from sweat. If so, change into the dry pajamas, but leave the socks on.
  6. Remove the socks in the morning, or when they are DRY.
  7. IMPORTANT: socks should be left on until they are warm and dry, otherwise, the process is depleting.

Special Notes:

Do NOT perform this treatment if you:

  • Are debilitated and cannot heat the compress,
  • if you are chilled or have low body temperature (less than 98°F orally): hot ginger or yarrow tea and/or a hot bath or foot soak will increase your body temperature.
  • Make sure you do not have a high fever.
  • If you have a skin condition that’s aggravated by prolonged moist applications
  • or are pregnant, the temperature of the bath must not be too hot for too long.” -Health For Life

The magic sock treatment can be performed for adults and children, keeping in mind the precautions stated.

If you are interested in other treatments to help with swelling/inflammation, balance and vascular healing CLICK HERE.

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#heatherearles #herbnwisdom #naturalliving #naturalpathic #respiratory #podcaster #healthblogger #author

-Heather Earles

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