Castile Soap and Its Many Uses

Castile Soap and its Many Uses
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Some of you think this post is a no brainer and clicked on it out of curiosity, and some of you are finding out for the first-time what castile soap is.

Believe it or not, I didn’t start using this product until 2019. You would think a health freak like me would have known about it before then, but that wasn’t the case.

As there are multiple natural products able to do many things, I didn’t come across it. For instance, I use vinegar to cleanturmeric for all-around healthborax for washing soda, and so forth.

It wasn’t until recently that I came across castile soap as an aid to help my son get rid of his acne. As each person is unique and different remedies or natural products affect us in different ways, I was looking for alternatives other than my usual go to’s.

After researching castile soap, however, and trying it for multiple purposes in my own home, did I fall in love. Now, it’s your turn. I want to share with you the many ways and uses of castile soap so that you, too, can add this natural product to your pantries.

Health and Beauty

How to Clear up Acne Using Castile Soap



  1. To use, first pour witch-hazel on a cotton pad and wipe all over your face and neck. 
  2. Next, take Dr. Bronner’s and place on a dampened face brush and lightly scrub in a circular motion, again on your face and neck. 
  3. Once you rinse the soap off, pat dry. 
  4. Apply a small amount of moisturizer. 
  5. Last, cut a small chunk from an aloe vera stem and rub the gel on your face and neck. Leave on and let dry. 
  6. Do this every evening before going to bed.

Shaving Cream Recipe

This one is simple yet effective. Merely lather up 5-10 drops in your hands and apply.

Organic Shampoo

Don’t forget a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. I mention this because if you use too much, especially on your hair, it will feel oily and not soft.

Ingredients and Directions

  1. Work 1/2 of a Tablespoon into wet hair.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hair Rinse.

Using Castile Soap for Home Use

All-Purpose Cleaner Using Oregano Oil and Castile Soap

Luckily, it is incredibly easy to make your own oregano oil cleaning solution. It lasts indefinitely, and you can store it in a cool, dark location between uses so that you never have to run to the store for cleaning supplies ever again.

Castile Soap and its Many Uses
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You can purchase oregano oil from an herbal or holistic medicine store, or you can create your essential oregano oil by steaming freshly picked oregano leaves over boiling water. Either way, using oregano oil is the key to a healthier home and body.

The most important part of making effective oregano oil and castile soap cleaning solutions is never to use refillable plastic spray bottles. These can leach chemicals into your cleaning supplies, thereby reducing the effect of your cleaning solution and also increasing its toxicity. Instead, purchase a glass spray bottle with any kind of screw-top and sprayer nozzle.

Here are the bottles I use.

Ingredients and Directions

  1. Combine a cup of water, 
  2. twenty drops of essential oregano oil, 
  3. and two teaspoons of castile soap
  4. If you are looking to create a solution with more powerful antiseptic properties, add some white vinegar and lemon oil as well. 
  5. Oregano oil also pairs well with other essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, and rosemary. So, if you dislike the scent as you are cleaning with oregano oil, you can always experiment with other blends. However, do not replace the oregano oil.

Hand Washing Soap

Our hands, feet, and head absorb so much. Because of this, you need to pay attention to what products you use.

Since we all wash dishes every day and multiple times a day, I was so excited to try this recipe. Not only does it work, but my hands don’t get dried out, and they smell minty when I’m finished. I also don’t worry any longer about the harsh chemicals my children are getting with regular dish detergent.

Ingredients and Directions

  1. Take 1-part castile soap to 10 parts water and mix in your chosen container.
  2. This recipe works best with soft water.

Laundry Soap

If you want your clothes clean and smelling fresh, then use this recipe.

Ingredients and Directions

  1. For a large load, take 1/3 to 1/2 cup of castile soap and add it to your washing machine.
  2. Be sure to add 1/2 cup vinegar to the rinse cycle.
  3. Enjoy clean clothes :).

Floor Cleaner

If you still doubt how beneficial castile soap is for many areas in your life, then here is another recipe. This one is to disinfect and keep your floors shining.

Ingredients and Directions

  1. Take a 1/2 cup of castile soap and pour it into 3 gallons of hot water.
  2. Place your mop in the water and swish it a few times around in a circle to mix.
  3. Clean as usual.

Castile Soap for Outdoor and Pet Use

Bug Spray for Plants

We all want something natural to get rid of those pesky bugs, something that won’t harm our plants or have toxins. This recipe is perfect for any plant and will absorb nicely. The best time to apply is when you have a sunny day. However, you can use it at any time. The sun will help with quicker absorption.

Ingredients and Directions

  1. For every one quart of water in your spray bottle, add 1 Tablespoon of castile soap.
  2. Spray as often as you need.

Cleaning Your Pets

Keeping your animals clean using natural products like Castile soap
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No one likes a stinky pet. In fact, the smell of wet dirty dog about takes my breath away. As castile soap is not harmful to your animals, you can use it to clean them keeping everyone happy.

Ingredients and Directions

  1. Wet your animal, 
  2. then pour a small amount of soap in your hands, creating a lather. 
  3. Work the lather into your pet’s fur/hair, until clean.
  4. Rinse as usual.

Using Castile Soap in the Kitchen

Veggie and Fruit Cleaner

Whether you are buying fruit or veggies from the store or picking and or harvesting it from the garden, there is residue and dirt that can cling on. Sometimes it’s enough to simply run them underwater and at other times you need a little more. That’s where castile soap comes in.

Ingredients and Directions

  1. Add a dash of soap in a bowl of water.
  2. Now, add your fruit or veggies.
  3.  Gently rub with your fingertips or lightly stir your fingers in the bowl along with the produce.
  4. Remove and let drip on a cloth or pat dry.
  5. Enjoy.

Like usual, I could go on and on. A little long-winded at times, but for a good cause. Health is so important but can be frustrating when you read so many blogs and articles describing different things to do.

I love health, but I am also realistic. With a husband and four kids, time isn’t something I have a lot of. That’s why I was so excited to find and start using this product.

In Summary

Castile soap alone replaced, dish soap, shampoo, pet soap, face wash, shaving cream, floor cleaner, all-purpose cleaner for any type of surface. It cleans your food and gets rid of bugs on your plants.

If you are interested in trying some for yourself, follow this link or purchase some from your favorite shopping place.

Enjoy Friends and leave me comments as to how you like to use this fantastic product.

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