Time is a Precious Gem


A clock showing the timeI am sitting in the waiting room of the hospital where my husband is having total knee replacement and as I look around I see people moving in and out doing the same thing as I.  Everyone is waiting for their loved ones to come out of surgery.  As I wait, I start to think about things and realize just how precious time is.

My dad once told me, “The most valuable thing we have on this earth is time.”  How right he is.  It hits closer to home when we have to be in a place like a hospital, but the truth is it’s ever-present in our minds.

No matter your age or lifestyle, time is something we all have in common.  The length of it perhaps not, but time in general, yes.

I don’t know about any of you, but sitting here waiting for my husband, the Rock solid man in my life, to wake up from anesthesia, makes me glad I told him I love him and gave him a kiss, instead of thinking “I wish I would Have.”  Time is something we can never get back, so use it wisely!  Right now is your opportunity to make the moment count so you don’t have regrets.

There have been to many times in all our lives when we regret a certain moment.  I don’t know why as humans we do this, but we do.  There are valuable lessons to be learned from our mistakes, but some moments you just can’t get back.

Perhaps you have a grandma or grandpa in assisted living and you keep saying, oh, I should really go visit them and something happens to them before you get the chance.  Wouldn’t that haunt you the rest of your life?  All because you didn’t take the time.  When a loved one is in the hospital, do you make a point to check in on them?  Or do you let yourself make excuses such as, traffic is too busy, there won’t be parking that’s close or, I don’t like the smell of hospitals.  If these were or are some of your reasons and that person didn’t make it out, how would you feel?  Well let’s just say no one would have to say anything to you because the pain and regret you would go through would be enough.  I know there are certain times when we can’t be there, whether it be distance or other responsibilities, but if you can then do it!  Don’t make silly excuses!

I would like to encourage you to look at the time you have and value it as you would a precious gem.  Visit your families, say those words people need to hear, like – I love you.  Never miss an opportunity to show someone you care.
We don’t know when our time is up, only God does, so don’t let it slip away.  biblehub

Time is a space of life an essenceA new dawn approaches
It moves without being seen, giving and taking.
There is no feeling of it, just a vast knowledge, a span.
It comes from darkness and light and changes upon each new dawn.

Do not be afraid of it, only embrace it, for if you do, you hold one of life’s most precious gifts.


Heather Earles-



  1. mNm said:

    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

    March 26, 2016
    • I am so glad you enjoyed. Inspiration is found in all of us!

      March 26, 2016

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