Summertime Fun at the Pool

Summertime fun at the poolIt’s eighty degrees with a slight breeze and the kids have unanimously declared it to be a pool day.  For us, it will be the first of the year.

Packing up some towels, Homemade Sunscreen, bathing suits and hats we make our way to town.

Once arriving the kids quickly change and get re-applied with the sunscreen to make sure their first time at the pool doesn’t end in a horrible burn.  We pick our spot under the large umbrella but still close enough to the edge that we can move in and out of the sun as we please.  As I rearrange the towels the kids take off (walking of course:) and enter the refreshing and cool outdoor pool.

As the kids swim I observe the children, parents, and lifeguards.  They all have their own little stories to tell today.  A child reluctant to leave but the mother refuses to go in and get wet to retrieve the now escaping child.  This now leads to threatening words of “We will never come back if you don’t exit the pool immediately.”  Oh wait, we now have a lifeguard dragging a child to his parent because he decided wrestling and drowning other kids is permitted.  He is now finding out that was and is not the case.  That’s a little boy for you.outdoor pool fun

The warmth of the sun and smiles cover the rest of the full pool area as it moves with all the energetic bodies.

I love moments like these when there isn’t the worry of a task that needs to be done.  Watching the kids enjoy water and life brings a smile to my own face.  The kids not only enjoy the water but also the time where a chore hasn’t been given to them.  Here both parties just relish the break and enjoy.  Unless of course, you were the child who was dragged out of the pool;).

The kids are now freezing that the wind has picked up and have come to dry off on their towels in the sun.  They start to explain everything that’s happened to them in the pool and around them since entering.  If you have children then you know what a story even one incident can produce.  I merely smile and listen until the tale is over and they are ready for round two.

It has been a little while now and as a parent, I am anticipating the moment when the kids will come out of the pool announcing how hungry they are.  For this reason, I have packed healthy snacks for them to devour.  After that, we had to get ice cream (ice cream Friday).  My guilt in feeding the kids sugar is very little at this particular moment.  Sometimes you just have to break the rules.

While we enjoy the delicious flavors of our treats more smiles are to be had.  This ending a wonderful, fun-filled time where we have done little else but enjoy life and what it has to offer on this particular day in the Summer.

Driving home after finishing the ice cream the kids fall asleep.  Looking in the rearview mirror I’m happy we took the time to go to the pool.  Life is to enjoy and today we have done just that.  We did not stress, worry or bicker.  For a family of five, I am extremely thankful and blessed.

Summer memoriesI hope you’ve enjoyed spending the day with us and are inspired to take time and have a fun day of your own.  Remember, time is the one thing in life you can’t get back.  Take a day and enjoy.

-Heather Earles




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