Dance like Nobody’s Watching

dance like no one is watching
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Dancing to me is such a part of everything I think about, do and who I am.  I dance in the kitchen, at home with the kids, the car, airport, and even while I write my manuscripts;  which character will end up on the dance floor, moving to the music?:)

Dancing brings out emotions that could never be expressed or explained with words.  You feel, therefore you dance.  To me it’s that simple.

I can escape in a Bourrée or pretend I’m on top of a mountain in a field of flowers, leaping and chaînéing.  Dancing to me is like opening the first pages of a new book.  The anticipation and excitement of finding out who the characters are and what will unfold are the same as when a person first starts moving to the music.

Our bodies feel every beat, every movement, either alone or while dancing with a partner.  Every sensation is alive and burning through our veins.

dance like no one is watching

I don’t think there is a feeling more beautiful than when our minds and bodies come together creating movement in the form of a dance.  We release, we let go, we become free and no one holds us back as it’s impossible to cage a soul on fire.

So many people are afraid of what they look like on a dance floor or beyond.  But there is no wrong way to feel unless the outcome is driven by fear.  So, put your fears aside and step into the beauty of a moment to share love, joy even suffering. Opportunities pass swiftly when you overthink or take for granted time.

Dance can heal the soul faster than the majority of things on earth because you can release your grief, not only through tears but through every part of yourself.  Our bodies and minds are connected through the spirit, so stop trying to separate what is intended to be together.  You can no more separate soul mates with distant, a wave from the ocean than you can a body from its form of dance.


Some say, “I can’t dance.”  I wholeheartedly disagree.  You are human and therefore created to move.  The way we were designed with joints, tendons, and muscles allows for movement of every kind.  Perhaps you don’t because you don’t know-how.  You think you need to be shown.  Perhaps your “Don’t” or “Can’t” is only fear because you think you need to have so many steps down first.  The steps to dance don’t determine whether you can dance, your soul dances without a lesson.  You just need to let it out and not be afraid.

We have all looked or done silly things in our lives, but instead of hiding in a corner blushing you just have to laugh and enjoy the learning process.  Watching people enjoy the art of dancing or life brings so much pleasure.  You see the radiant light come to life in their eyes and almost feel as if you are right there with them on the floor.  And friends, that’s what it means to dance!

I have been thinking a lot about this topic not only because it’s a part of who I am but because of what’s happening in our country. My advice, if you are struggling or need a reset is attend a children’s ballet or recital.

Students study all year, putting their heart and soul into a performance to bring their talent, and joy to those who come and watch.  This is the chance for them to express to an audience what they feel and let go of stress, showing family and friends it’s okay to be nervous and afraid but to dance anyway.

What they will show you in performance is the expression. An expression of a soul on fire ready to live.  

Perhaps you will finally understand what it means to dance.

“If you want to dance, dance like nobody’s watching and become free.  Mind, body, soul, free.”

Heather Earles
Heather Earles

Is the owner of H&E Literary Works LLC, writes for a local newspaper, has written several books to include  A Busy Morning On The Farm and an upcoming thriller/drama series called “Prisoner Within.” She is a Print Specialist for Pufferprint, writes a blog on healthy living to aid and inspire. She has a podcast called Herb ‘N Wisdom™, enjoys country living, God, and her family. “I love helping people feel better about life.”

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  1. Amy said:

    Loved it…your words are vivid and I can feel your exuberance. ….

    April 2, 2017
    • Thank you Amy. “If you show me how you dance I will tell you who you are.” A quote that says it all.

      April 4, 2017

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