Dancers in a Classroom

DancersSilence and awe, feeling and poise, a dancers world comes alive in a classroom.

The teacher walks along, correcting with firm, yet encouraging words.  The students at the bar focus on perfecting the art of the movement.  At the same time, their thoughts are drifting off to a faraway land.

The music is soothing and calm, taking you to where gallantry and kingdoms reign, where a dance, a movement, was considered poetry, touching the souls of people.

dancers poseThe classroom, for a time, becomes this magical place, this haven, where dancers can become the stars that dance among the heavens, they can become the heroines and heroes of the land.  The land of imagination that has no limits, the land where you dance before Kings and Queens, where sleeping beauty’s lay, where mice fight with men and where fairy godmothers grant a wish to a kind and gentle soul.

A voice calls to us like the wind blowing through the leaves saying dance, dance and we do, for the classroom has now become our world, a world no-one can touch with human hands.  Our feet are tired, our muscles ache, but neither do we notice nor care.  Our hearts and minds have been filled to capacity, once again, with distance places that only we can see.

As the clock strikes midnight, our time is ending, the class has come to a close.  Our attention has been brought back to the teacher as we finish with a curtsy or bow.  As we walk over the threshold our fantasies come to an end.  No matter the time that passes, it is ours to keep forever. Whether it will be in our imaginations, in our memories or when we enter the classroom again, it is ours and will remain untouched.♥

Psalms 150:4 KJV

Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.

Gasper’s School of Dance

Dance like No One is Watching



  1. Katie L said:

    Love this!!! My daughter dances and though she be little when she dances she blooms! It’s like a whole new girl when she comes onto the stage.

    April 12, 2016
    • I hope she continues to bloom Katie and realizes life is but a dance, all of us having the choice to make it as beautiful as it is in our dreams.

      April 12, 2016

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