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discoverLive to discover everything life holds.  We have this great big amazing world with more to do in it than any of us will be able to in our life time.  Need ideas?  Museums are a great place to start.  You can learn the history around you, kids can touch and feel in certain ones like a Discovery Museum so they get the hands on experience.  After a museum, head to an old Fort where you can see parts of life on the frontier.  Next, rent a kayak and head down a famous river, looking at all the beauty around.  The possibilities are endless if you use your imagination.

Adventure isn’t for everyone, but I couldn’t imagine not being able to discover a new part of our world.  Everything from the seven wonders of the world to going fishing in the river that runs through your little town.

Discover things with and through the eyes of a child.  Put a fresh perspective on the adventures that surround you.  I love when you hear the sound of a train and your child runs to the window excited.  They smile, jump up and down and sometimes ask to be held because somehow their parents might be able to get them one inch closer to this wonder known as a train.  No matter how many times in a day a train passes the joy does not

Adults should learn from this and take a look with that child like perspective.  Check out local attractions first, learning all there is to learn in your own community and state, than venture out to surrounding states, soaking in whatever you can.

Bring a journal, take a picture, start a scrap-book, adding all your adventures.  Make a point to learn something new at each place that you can share with someone else.  Spread the joy by taking a friend or family on the next trip, making new memories.

Be sure to touch, feel, smell, use all of your senses so you can enjoy every part of your new discovery.

It’s so healthy for a person to experience new things.  Your mind and body need to be refreshed every once in a while to keep a positive out look on life.  Who doesn’t feel happy when they can learn and explore?

We are all busy individuals,  but life doesn’t care.  You either make the time to discover new and exciting things or you don’t.  It’s not a pressure thing just an opportunity to enjoy our fantastic world.

Heather Earles

Pushing the Limits of Life


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