What is Beauty and where does it Hide? Part two

beauty withinBeauty can be a curse at times.  People view you differently because of it and whether they admit it or not don’t care to know the person behind the face or body.  Even when mistakes are made, you are blamed for them because “You think you’re so beautiful.”  If they only knew that was not the case.  Would it even matter to them?  Or would they close off their ears to satisfy their eyes and what they perceive to be true?

I thought beauty was something to be seen with the heart and not just an outward glance, but how wrong I seem to be proven time and time again.  People rarely see a person who doesn’t have the perfect makeup, hair color, clothes, body type or features.  For men it could be muscles, tattoos, cool hair cut or a deep voice.  Judgment of a person comes within the first 5 to 10 seconds and whether you realize it or not that person has to combat the first seconds of your thoughts proving you wrong or right in the first words they say.inner beauty attracts

There is no patience anymore for a conversation that will take longer than a few minutes unless you are the one doing the talking.  Only at this point you don’t care what the other person looks like because they are willing to listen to whatever it is you have to say.  What happened to a friend listening because they truly wanted to hear what you had to say and in return you let them have their turn to share.  This is not something you should have to stress over but it just happens when you truly care about people, those you love and the friendships you have in your life.

They should be able to come to you anytime they need and get something off their mind without you giving feed back or an answer to their problem.  People almost always have a problem solved or have started to before they ever mention it to someone else.  The reason they say anything is just so they can get it off their chest.  It’s a way to release and feel better.

This is beauty to me.  Being real and there for the people in our life that need us.  Beauty is not rainbow hair and perfect eyebrows, it’s not a tan or perfect white teeth.  Beauty is listening, loving, caring for others more than you do for yourself.  It is laughing, crying with those you hold dearest to your heart and inspiring them to love who they are.  To be happy no matter what lemons life brings. To be beautiful is to give a hug, to make time, share dreams and passions, to sit on the sidewalk and hold someone as they cry because that’s what they need at that moment.  Beauty is to love in the kindest and purest way possible.

raw beautyThese make you beautiful, they make you unique, special, needed, happy.  Because you do them you feel completely and utterly fulfilled as a person.  Beauty is not what you see my friends, but what you do and who you are.  It does not wash down the sink at the end of the day or when you take off your suit or perfectly planned outfit.  It’s there in the nude and raw.  You make beauty by creating and weaving the insides.

I admit to getting hurt when people merely see the outward appearance of who I am.  Do you?  When what they have perceived in the first five seconds dictates whether they want to know anymore about you.  Cringing when eyes look up and down seeing only what satisfies a dirty mind.  Wishing sometimes for a mask that could only be removed when someone took the time to know the real you.  I miss not being able to share with someone the things on my mind.  For that communication that is so needed in every friendship and relationship.  We miss not being able to be who we are because our outward appearance dictated how and what we needed to act like.

When people lack true beauty they miss out on so much of the real joy that could surround them.  Beauty is hiding just under the surface of every individual.  It hides in plain sight.  We each have access to it, but refuse to tap into it because it takes time and effort.  You can slap a face and clothes on in the morning, but true beauty you can not.  It takes intention not attention to attain everything you have within you and to project that beauty onto someone else.

We have time, relationships and a short life.  I am encouraging each and every one of you to fill that time and those relationships with true beauty, respect, happiness and love.  You get out of life what you give, so give it your best and enjoy it.

-Heather Earles ♥

True Beauty Lies Within

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