How to deal with Setbacks

setbacksWe all have setbacks in life.  Some are harder to swallow than others.  What do you do when those times come?  I’m sure crying and frustration are involved, at least initially.  After that and the initial shock is over what do you do?

There are lessons we learn all throughout life.  Setbacks and not so pleasant things happen all of the time.  Our character shines through when we know how to learn and respond to them.  For better or for worse people will see the hidden parts of our character at these important times.

Examples of BAD responses:

  • Yelling and or screaming
  • Throwing objects
  • Blame
  • Suffer in silence
  • Depression

Examples of Good responses:

  • Taking a deep breath
  • Praying
  • Thinking positive
  • Find a solution to the problem

A person can rise from anywhere or anything if they have faith and believe in themselves.  This includes major setbacks.  There are many ways to stay encouraged during hard times.  For one, realizing there might be a good reason that’s unknown to you at the time.  Reading uplifting scripture and or other books.  Music can also play a big role in staying positive.

The worst thing a person can do is start moping around and feeling sorry for themselves.  This will lead to depression and other major problems such as bad eating habits and anger.

If there is another person involved make sure to talk it out.  Open communication is so very important, especially in times of setbacks.  You don’t want to compound the situation by blaming in secret or silently suffering.  Remember that’s one of the things on the bad reaction list.

We are all human so we all have the tendency to get hurt, offended, think we deserve something or want to retaliate. When a setback comes you need to put this tendency aside and focus on taking a deep breath, think positive, stay open and realize you do not control all.  There could be a plan you are not aware of at this time.  Look for a solution to the disappointment or setback and move forward, creating a plan to over come it.

Remember we can rise or fall from anywhere.  No matter what zip code, house address or country. You decide how you will react or not to any given situation at anytime.  This is the part where your character comes through in a brilliant light or a dark cloud.

“The beautiful things about setbacks is, they introduce us to our strengths.” -Robin Sharma

setbacksIs it hard? Sure, but is it impossible? No.  After all you control your mind and the power it has over the rest of you. Think big, dream big and don’t let setbacks get in your way.

Inspiration will Come

-Heather Earles



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